Our Launch

Everything begins with a reason, including this blog. There was a time where starting a blog never really crossed my mind, because why would it? For the past few years, every day for six hours, I would attend school, and be gone for even longer afterwards because of sports. On top of that was the search for a job, which would inevitably take up more of my time. That was the lifestyle for the longest time. Wake up, go to school, go to practice, come home, do homework, and think about my future, far away from the menial tasks currently taking up all of my time.

I have always looked at life from a different perspective than most of my peers. 8th grade was 2016, election season. It was at the point in the presidential primary elections that in each party there were 2 major candidates remaining: Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton for the Democrats, and Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for the Republicans. In order to better illustrate the situation to her 8th grade class, my social studies teacher drew a political compass on the whiteboards, and placed the four candidates on it. On the far left of it she put Bernie Sanders, on the center-left she put Hillary Clinton, on the center-right she put Ted Cruz, and on the far right was Donald Trump. All seemed normal until she wrote in Adolf Hitler, and placed him barely to the right of Trump.

Of course, nowadays, this comparison has become a meme and people who still have that take are usually made fun of. However, even back in the day, the argument made still made such little sense to me that I had to do my own research. In middle school, I was a contrarian and disagreed with many, but I was apolitical. The furthest I had ever gotten into politics was when a classmate had redpilled me a year prior on feminism, in the middle of the Gamergate movement. That was enough. So when my teacher had already been constantly repeating feminist talking points, I knew she was wrong when she compared Donald Trump to Hitler.

Coming home that day, I delved into the rabbit hole that was the political side of the Internet. Over the years, back when tyrannical Youtube still allowed free traffic in their algorithms between right-wing Youtubers, I discovered and was exposed to many different content creators. I started out being a generic Trump supporter, embracing anything and everything he said. By all means, I was someone that meant well, but there was a vast ocean of deeper imformation about the world that I was yet to learn about.

The conservatives I had listened to always denounced “identity politics” as wrong. When addressing Black Lives Matter, feminist groups, or mass immigration advocates, they would always frame their point of view from the argument that intrinsic qualities about yourself don’t matter if you’re an American. To be fair, it is true that a lot of identity politics can be harmful to a nation, such as the kinds that advocate for America to be split into multiple ethnostates or for obstructive accommodations to be given to a certain ethnic/interest group. However, one day I watched a video by someone that I will not name, and the title of which I will also not name. In it, the point was driven home that while conservatives countersignal identity politics, they lose on all fronts. Instead, the Youtuber argued, it was crucial to recognize that all politics are identity politics. When someone argues for a specific cause, they are doing it in their own self-interest, even if they do not realize it. Including mainstream conservatives.

From then on, I became an American nationalist. Knowing that identity politics were inevitable, I identified as someone who wanted to preserve the traditional American nation. I became someone who wanted to put America first and foremost. I became someone who still opposed socialism as I always had, but also knew about how unfettered free-market capitalism has hollowed out America’s industry and culture from within. I found God during this time, and now I believe that a strong Christian faith is tantamount to a prosperous Western society. Specifics about what I think will be covered in future posts. The point is, since then, my views have changed in slight, insignificant ways, but I now found myself in a place where I knew dreadful information about what is happening to America as we speak, but no one to talk to about it.

America Firsters were a rare find, it seemed. The only likeminded people I knew were relegated to the Internet. Enter Turning Point USA’s Culture War college tour. Turning Point USA was a mainstream conservative political college organization that I used to have great respect for, until I realized what they were truly about. At the time of me writing this post, TPUSA has promoted mass immigration (but legally so it’s ok, right guys?), sexual immorality including transgenderism, and endless foreign aid in the form of billions of dollars to other countries. They were planning to spread their ideology to thousands of unsuspecting students on campus, over multiple days, over a few weeks, across the country at college campuses, during the month of November 2019. At these Q&A’s, genuine American patriots, most of them followers of talk show host Nicholas J. Fuentes, asked well-thought-out questions and made TPUSA’s spokesperson, Charlie Kirk, look immensely stupid in what was called the Groyper Wars.

Largely because of the Groyper Wars, the America First movement gained a lot of steam and some mainstream recognition. Lawmakers have begun to take us seriously. People are now joining the fight to save America in droves like never before. As someone who knows all of the relevant facts, it became no longer possible for me to stand on the sidelines.

But why a blog? I mentioned that nearly all of my time was taken up earlier this year, which is true. The event that has really shaken things up, as you may have guessed, is the outbreak of the Chinese (Yes, it is Chinese, I don’t care who I offend) Coronavirus. Because of mass immigration and free trade, two manifestations of globalism, the virus which originally came from China inevitably made its way to America. Now, school is indefinitely closed, sports are cancelled, and because of that I have a lot of free time. What better opportunity than now to make my voice heard?

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