What Comes After the Virus?

Fast forward two months from now. New coronavirus cases in the US per day have finally reached zero. People are leaving the hospital, and returning to work. Students are released from their homes into summer vacation, some of them having graduated with/without a ceremony. What’s next? Will we forget the pandemic that just gripped the world? Or will our lives change?

In order to answer this question, it is important to look at previous events that changed our way of life. There were two major events that happened around the same few years at the beginning of this century that have changed our culture and policy up to this day, and they are much smaller in scale to the Coronavirus outbreak.

While the events of September 11, 2001 seem like they happened long ago, they have permanently shaped American policy both at home and abroad. The terrorists that hijacked the planes that would eventually crash into the North Tower, the South Tower, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania boarded them via air ports, obviously. Logically, then, one of the responses to 9/11 was the strict tightening of airport security. Metal detectors exist now for a reason. Also, the Patriot Act was passed, strengthening government surveillance. It would be foolish to claim that the attacks on the World Trade Center had nothing to do with these policies taking place.

Abroad, 9/11 emboldened America’s foreign policy. President Bush was, in fact, still president before 9/11. Bush and his administration during the election of 2000 called themselves conservatives, but were in fact neoconservatives. Neoconservatives held the belief that it was America’s role to topple regimes around the world that could be dictatorships, or ones that conflicted with the interests of America or America’s allies (mostly America’s allies, especially Israel). Often, the two reasons were conflated. So with an administration already eager to impose a democratic, globalist order on the world, the attacks on September 11 gave a wonderful justification for Bush-era neoconservatives to begin their campaign. From September 11th, 2001 to today, countries have been toppled that were already planned on being toppled before the attack (Look up the Project For a New American Century). This was under the pretense of eliminating terrorism, and eliminating countries who supported terrorism. This includes Iraq, of course, in 2003, to depose of Saddam Hussein, and Libya in 2011, to get rid of Muammar Gaddafi.

Of course, terrorism itself deserved to be obliterated across the world, but it’s obvious that an agenda has been played out at the same time, even to this day with neoconservatives calling for regime change in Iran and Syria.

On a smaller, more personal scale, the Columbine high school shooting on April 20, 1999 claimed 13 lives and injured over 20 others. This was the predecessor of what would be many school shootings to happen in the 21st century. Similarly to 9/11, the country was shaken. And just like 9/11, permanent preventive measures have been taken in response, even to this day. Nowadays, every school has a police officer employed. More cameras have been installed. Doors are locked more often, and calls for the government to seize certain firearms have only strengthened with every mass shooting that has occurred since then.

Another similarity to what would happen 2 years later is that there was already a movement for stricter gun control before the Columbine shootings. When it happened, it would have made no sense for these lobby groups and activists to say nothing. Instead, just like the neoconservatives in the Bush administration, they took the opportunity. And just like the wars that have taken place since 2001 with 9/11 as the justification for them, with every massacre the calls for gun control strengthened, and more and more policies were enacted, chipping weapons away.

“Okay, cool story.” You probably are thinking. “But what does this have to do with the coronavirus?” Draw the similarities. The COVID-19 outbreak is an event that has affected the entirety of the country, changing life for almost everybody, and has dominated the news for months. Make no mistake, this is a foreign virus that has only been able to fester here because of our immigration policies. The response from the government has logically been to restrict travel, test those with symptoms, and quarantine those who test positive. That is the response during the outbreak. If historical precedents are examples, after this is all over, we can expect increased sanitation, increased production of medical supplies, and… vastly less immigration, right?

Not so fast.

After 9/11, not all sensible solutions were enacted after the attacks. The attackers had boarded the airplanes from the airports, and most of them had arrived in America in the first place by claiming asylum from their Middle Eastern homelands. So why did we heighten airport security and government surveillance with the Patriot Act, but refuse to close the immigration loopholes that had resulted in thousands of people killed? It was because in our government, there are people who control government officials. Similarly to how there were lobbyists pouncing to go to war and seize weapons, there has also always been open-borders lobbyists in America.

The open-borders lobby takes shape in two forms: One makes the big business argument that immigrants are harder workers than Americans, and save employers money. The other side of the coin argues from a moral basis; they use the talking point that America is a nation of immigrants, and therefore denying anyone asylum or a green card is immoral. Together, these lobbyists form a formidable force. So with groups like these behind the throne in our government, just like that, America overlooked who was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. We ignored that many in the Middle East hate America, and hate Christians. Instead, we have continued to invite the same people in with open arms in what can only be described as a slow cultural suicide.

Today, the road ahead post-COVID-19 is unsure. Compared to what things used to be, that is a massive improvement. If this was the Obama or Bush administration, everything post-COVID-19 would be the same as before it, save for sanitation standards. Now, because Donald Trump is in office, America Firsters have much more leverage in government. Unlike the previous two presidents, President Trump rejects open borders. However, the open-borders lobby still has some power over his administration. Because of this, there is a power struggle now. Since the Groyper Wars, which I talked about in my previous post, this war has amplified. American nationalists, the core of Trump’s base in 2016, is now more empowered then ever to get things done. Everyone from Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson of Fox News to Michelle Malkin and College Republican groups around the country are now calling for an IMMIGRATION MORATORIUM. That is, net zero immigration, as a response to the coronavirus outbreak. After all, it’s exactly how it got here in the first place. It’s just as sensible as airport restrictions post-9/11.

It remains to be seen if this time America will actually address her problems. You can expect sanitation to be taken way more seriously and large public gatherings to be less common after this outbreak is over. That is the answer to the title of this post…but it’s more than that. The only real solution, just like after 9/11, is an immigration moratorium. However, an immigration moratorium is opposed by the open-borders lobby, the Democratic Party and Republican establishment controlled by them, and by the media and Hollywood. The same people in control of America for the past four decades. The coming years after this is all over will be a test to see whether these globalists will still be at the wheel of this country, or whether the American people will finally fight back and retake the driver’s seat.

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