China is Our Enemy

Maybe you have seen similar opinions to this on the news, maybe you have not. It doesn’t matter.

Bellicose rhetoric has always been around in American political discussions. It went from the Axis in WWII, to the Soviet Union in the Cold War, and then to Iraq, Libya, and Iran. However, while neoconservatives have distracted us with meaningless states across the world, our true enemy has been infiltrating our society and has now truly crossed the line and begun their offensive. China has always been trying to topple America’s spot as global hegemon, and are succeeding at it in some aspects. Now, COVID-19 is their new bioweapon for it.

Only Chinese propaganda and out-of-touch media denies that the Coronavirus came from China now. But think into it deeper: there are two origin stories for COVID-19. One is the classic and more well-known one, which is that it originated in a meat market in Wuhan with extremely poor sanitary conditions. This theory makes sense, as the Chinese have long considered barbarically eating live and exotic animals a delicacy. This includes boiling dogs alive and biting the heads off of frogs in buffets. Look up the videos online, if you dare. The second theory is a bit more sinister: According to many news sources, In this case the New York Post, In Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus, there is a lab called the National Biosafety Laboratory. China has done extensive experiments on microorganisms already, but this is egregiously suspicious. The NBL, part of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, holds a special status: It is the only laboratory in the entirety of China authorized to handle and test Coronaviruses.

Keep those two scenarios in mind as you read what China has done. Countless reports are now coming out with information that China knew about the outbreak of COVID-19 as early as late last year, and kept it secret. They intimidated and silenced any doctor or scientist who tried to speak out so that, perhaps, quarantine measures wouldn’t be taken and the virus could spread outside of China. Chinese immigration to the United States, coincidentally, is second only to Mexican immigration, albeit a distant second. Nevertheless, it’s still vastly enough to spread COVID-19.

Alongside their efforts to make sure that their homebrewed virus would get into other countries, China has infiltrated world organizations, governments, and our own media to cover up their tracks. One of America’s weaknesses is counterproductive identity politics. America is a very disunited nation. So is it any wonder, then, that to avoid criticism, Xinhua News, a Chinese propaganda outlet, as well as Chinese officials, made these statements?

Some people in the United States attempt to stigmatize China’s fight against the epidemic and shirk it’s responsibility to China… We hope that the United States will… stop slandering other countries, passing on responsibilities, and play a constructive role in fighting the epidemic.” -Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang to reporters

Take note that China actually doesn’t give a damn about “racism” or “stigma,” considering it has placed over a million Muslim Uyghurs in the west of its country into re-education camps. Not only that, but they are slowly genociding the Tibetan population which it occupies with mass migration and ethnic replacement with the majority Han Chinese from the Chinese mainland. Instead, they are exploiting one of America’s weaknesses, which is accusations of racism.

If China can successfully make the argument that anything anti-Chinese is racist, then they can win the support of almost all liberals and leftists in the United States, who are religiously opposed to all forms of so-called racism. Despite the Chinese literally being the second-most powerful country in the world, many treacherous people will see the Chinese as poor victims of white supremacy, and turn against their own country.

For example, if you thought that this madness ended at Chinese state media, unfortunately your country is in deeper trouble than you have ever thought. American news outlets, like CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and countless others have all came out saying that referring to COVID-19 as “Chinese” or from Wuhan is racist. Take this New York Times headline and subtext, for example:

“Since the beginning of the outbreak, President Trump and high-ranking administration officials have sought to pinpoint blame for the spread of the virus on China.” reads the caption below the picture seen.

Why does this sound so similar to Chinese propaganda? Is our media bought out by the Chinese? Or are they just honestly misguided and are worried about racism? There is evidence suggesting the former, because it wasn’t too long before excrement like this was being published that publications like the NYT themselves were calling the virus the “Chinese Coronavirus” and the “Wuhan virus.” It really makes you think: What changed? Did a phone number from abroad make a call? Regardless of why, our media is serving Chinese interests.

So are global organizations. At this point, the World Health Organization is utterly compromised and should be discredited as an arm of the Chinese state. Here are examples of the WHO shilling for China:

The WHO praising China’s response back when all of this could have been prevented
Canadian WHO official pretending not to hear questions about Taiwan

During the Chinese Civil War in the 1940s-50s, the Communists defeated the Nationalists and the Nationalist Kuomintang Party fled to the island of Taiwan. With American protection, the Kuomintang set up a government in Taiwan, vowing to one day rule China again. This has made one of China’s foreign policy goals to this day to finally conquer Taiwan. So when China forced the WHO to exclude Taiwan from its COVID-19 response team, were they really caring about solving the pandemic, or were they advancing their own interests? This dichotomy can be applied to any of China’ decisions made. Letting the virus escape China, calling the United States racist, having American media call America racist, and isolating Taiwan all definitely do not help the situation.

Finally, you have to look at the economic results of the outbreak. In March, 10.1 million Americans filed for unemployment in two weeks, easily shattering all records. The stock market has had the worst month since the Great Depression, and maybe of all time. All of the market gains that have been made in the over 3 years of the Trump administration have been wiped out. As an example of the despair that we are facing as a nation, according to the Washington Times, in the week ending on March 21, alcohol sales went up by 55%, and online alcohol sales skyrocketed by a staggering 243%. Because of COVID-19, America’s economy is on its knees, its citizens are stuck inside, and they are drinking in order to deal with it.

Keep in mind that China is the world’s largest exporter. China used to be a third-world country before it entered the World Trade Organization in 2001. During the 90s, it was actually Japan who was the rising second-largest economy. But with China’s acceptance into the WTO, trade relations were normalized with them, meaning that China became allowed to flood Western markets with their cheap goods, made with near-slave labor. With suicidal free-trade policies, now almost everything in our stores is made in China. This includes things that we have shortages of, like toilet paper and masks.

Yes, those masks.

Also, until recent action, upwards of 95% of antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals were imported from China, because the manufacturers wanted to save money. Now China has threatened to withhold these drugs, which would literally kill thousands of people. Thanks, guys.

Think back to the two possible causes of the COVID-19 outbreak. The meat market, and the laboratory. As a result of the coronavirus, countries are shutting down, American media and global organizations have sided with China, Taiwan is isolated, economies that are reliant on China are collapsing, and people are drinking to cope with it. A post-COVID-19 world looks pretty good for China. It would only be reasonable, at this point, to say that China probably did release COVID-19 on purpose from the laboratory, knowing what the consequences would be. And for that, they have become our sworn enemy.

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