Exit Quarantine Better Than You Entered It

When have we ever been given alone time like this?

The issue used to be that if you took time off to spend by yourself, you were falling behind others who weren’t. Now, everyone is doing the same stay-at-home routine you are. In most cases, they aren’t progressing in their field of work, school, etc. Being at home really limits people. But must we all be bound by our circumstances?

This time is a time for us to work on that project you’ve always wanted to start, or that skill you always wanted to learn. Now, you have all the time in the world for that; there is no excuse. Before I start to sound like a guy who’s gonna sell you a useless, vague self-help course, though, here is a list of things you can spend your time working on during these unusual times.

1. Side Businesses/Projects

Depending on the age demographics of my audience, you may be at different points in your life, whether it be high school, college, full-time employment, etc. Despite what it seems, starting projects may actually be more valuable when you are younger. Take it from an HS senior: Being in school is no roadblock to at least getting something you want done. In fact, it gives you more time to grow as you get older.

What do I mean by a “side project?” Well, as many of you may know I have been an avid follower of politics for a very long time. I don’t know what that makes my reputation like, but whatever. I could have just waited until college to begin my Political Science major and join the College Republicans, and I would have been just fine. However I wanted to do something now, so I focused it in something that is my passion, in this case politics. I set up The America First Student, free of charge for the first year, and now I can call myself a writer.

For other people, you can follow the same formula. Firstly, find out what your passion is. Take video editing, for example. Granted you have a quality camera, now would be the perfect time to learn how to put clips together and start a YouTube channel. Or if you’re the salesman type, you can sell valuable items you don’t need online for profit. All of these things are valuable ways to spend your time.

2. Get/Stay In Shape

This part is for the gymcels. For many gymgoers such as myself, it really sucks that everything is closed, including the gym. What does this mean? Am I gonna lose my gains? Will I get fat?

With a little self-discipline, you will look better after this quarantine than before. Some of you may know what a caloric deficit is, but for the uninitiated, a caloric deficit is when you eat fewer calories per day than the amount of calories that you body automatically burns per day. For example, if your body burns 2,000 calories per day, then eating 1,800 calories per day will put you in a deficit. This is how people including myself lose weight and burn fat. You can find your daily caloric expenditure at any calorie calculator online, which will ask for your height, weight, etc.

Along with dieting, exercise is essential. But without gyms, unless you are part of the elite class of society that owns a home gym (I’m joking), you are stuck with doing bodyweight workouts. Without any weight, with high reps. Just like the low-weight, high repetition workouts recommended to tone yourself during a caloric deficit…

These workouts can include:

-Regular, wide and close handed, and angled pushups

-Pull-ups provided you have something resembling a pull-up bar

-Calf raises

-One-legged squats (good luck)

-Sit ups, crunches, and other core workouts

Also, nobody is stopping you from going for a run, yet. Running is a great way to burn more calories per day, making it easier to lose weight, but you also literally sweat out water weight. If you’re like me, you will blast music and run around town for as long as you’d like before Governor Mills makes running outside illegal due to COVID-19. You could also bike if you’re a hardo.

Proper dieting, exercise, and cardio will make you look better after than you did before COVID-19, and ready for the summer. It’s cutting season, boys.

3. Learn a skill

A lot like starting side projects, this is a great time to learn a useful skill. Imagine you come back to all your friends after you haven’t seen them in months, and blow them away with something they never thought you knew how to do. You could even be a little sneaky and say you always did know how to do whatever it is.

If you owned a punching bag/ gloves, etc., you could learn how to fight. You have all time you need to do that right now, and no one to judge you. That’s also a great workout for caloric deficits.

To get better at talking, you could literally set up a camera and give a speech to no one, just to practice. If you’re bored, what is there to lose? Public speaking is essential for a lot of people.

Start reading that book you’ve been putting off, and finish the ones you’ve started. I’m guilty of this myself, having started Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. I also ordered Death of the West by the legendary Pat Buchanan, which I cannot wait to read. Other books I recommend would be Ship of Fools by Tucker Carlson, The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene, and the Bible.

Learn a language! I won’t be cringe and say that you’re going to need to know multiple languages to get ahead in the world, because that’s just not true. But the merits often touted when advocating for learning a language aren’t wrong. For example, with the way our country is going, maybe it’d be useful to learn a little Spanish. That’s not even a charged comment, even a liberal would agree that makes sense. Or, it could be for personal reasons. I have relatives that speak Russian, and it would be pretty cool to understand the gibberish that they speak.

These are real, understandable ways to improve yourself indoors. I’m not selling a “change your life” course or snake oil, I’m telling you what is already possible. Also, I’m not expecting everybody to step outside as a Chad CEO who can speak French, Chinese, Hebrew, and knows Tae Kwon Do. Don’t be hard on yourself. Enjoy life. Too much “improvement” defeats the purpose of existence. But for those who are willing to best the odds of the pandemic, I say to you good luck.

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