Bernie Sanders is a Loser. Here’s What His Supporters Should Do Now

This is a message to all the Bernie Bros out there who are now left without a candidate. Bernie Sanders has FAILED you. While you put your faith in him to fight the Democratic establishment, he never even really wanted to in the first place. Instead, he used your votes in order to have a base while he only pretended to be an outsider.

Take this news on the nose. Seethe harder. You might not believe this, which is why I’m going to show you examples of Bernie Sanders completely kowtowing to the establishment when he had ample opportunities to take the fight to them. Since he never went on the offensive, how could he have ever mounted a serious campaign?

In 2016, Bernie Sanders did have a little bit more of a fight in him. Objectively looking at his performance, he performed better against Hillary Clinton than he did against Joe Biden. This has to do with the fact that in 2020, Bernie Sanders embraced radical open borders policies. How does it make sense to pay for all Americans to have free healthcare and college, while also allowing anyone in the world to come to America whenever they want? The proposals he had were already astronomically expensive, in the trillions. Now imagine what the cost would be for a billion people instead of 330 million like we have now. Moreover, Sanders himself realized this. In 2016, while he was still rather liberal on immigration, there was a difference compared to 2020. Looking even further back, it seems that 2020 Bernie Sanders would have called 2007 Bernie Sanders a racist. His comments on a 2007 amnesty bill for illegal aliens start at 3:20 in this video.

He was right! Immigration results in increased competition for workers, which lowers wages due to supply and demand. If there are more workers available to be hired, businesses don’t have to offer as much money in wages to attract applicants. Where did this Bernie Sanders go?

It turns out I’m not alone with that question, as at one his rallies in 2020, a Bernie Sanders supporter asked him about his previous opposition to mass immigration, and in response, Sanders gave a long, vague platitude on how we need “immigration reform” and a pathway to citizenship for illegals. Oh, how the times have changed.

Besides his ideological inconsistencies, Bernie Sanders has refused to take the fight to the establishment.

When asked about Hillary Clinton’s emails in a 2016 debate, instead of attacking his main rival, he said, “Hillary, I’m sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails!”, essentially saying that it didn’t matter. Hillary Clinton beamed when she heard this, as she knew Bernie Sanders was too afraid to attack her head on.

This kind of cowardice got worse in 2020, as seen with his feud with Elizabeth Warren. Essentially, Elizabeth Warren’s campaign accused Bernie Sanders of saying that a woman couldn’t win a presidential election in 2016. It was an obvious political attack, meant to be rid of him once and for all. That led to a question from a very unpleasant moderator in the January debate:

“Senator Sanders, are you saying that you did not say that a woman could not become president in 2016?”

Sanders answered, “That is correct.” Immediately after, the moderator asked Warren, “Senator Warren, how did you respond when Senator Sanders said that a woman could not become president?”

How did he respond? He silently laughed to himself! It’s sad! Does he have any sense of pride? That was a golden opportunity to get angry and say “Excuse me?” to the reporter, and he backed down. How was someone like this supposed to lead a “political revolution,” as he liked to call it? Contrast this to Donald Trump, who took on 16 other Republicans, the moderators, the media, and even the audience, and won. He told Jeb Bush to his face on stage that his brother George failed to keep America safe when 9/11 happened. He denounced trade deals, foreign entanglements, and immigration bills that everyone in the room but him liked, and when he was booed by the crowds, he called them out as “donors and special interests.”

On top of that, Trump’s policies were actually popular, unlike those of Bernie Sanders. The American people support a nationalist foreign policy and immigration restriction, not socialized healthcare and decriminalizing border crossings. Most Democrats support populist moderates, like Obama in 2008, not anti-establishment socialists like Bernie Sanders. In the Republican camp, the voters came out for the anti-establishment, national populist Donald Trump. They couldn’t have cared less about the neocons John McCain and Mitt Romney, which is why they both lost to Obama. Also, notably, many counties that went for Obama voted for Trump in 2016, and many Bernie Sanders supporters went for Trump in 2016 instead of Hillary Clinton.

What does all of this mean? It shows that the American people want something that isn’t the usual diatribe that presidential candidates run on every 4 years. This populist energy is always there, waiting for the right candidate to tap in on it. That is why both Trump and Bernie Sanders had deeply invested voter bases, however due to Bernie Sanders’ failures, Trump won and Sanders didn’t.

So, Bernie Sanders supporters, what do you have to lose? Your outlet is gone. The only person left in this race that has put up meaningful effort for change is Donald Trump. Trump and Sanders agreed on trade and foreign policy in 2016. Trump and Sanders probably agreed on immigration in 2007. Nowadays, Trump is moving to the left on economics, floating ideas about universal healthcare and universal basic income in the wake of COVID-19. The media hated Bernie Sanders, and the media hated Donald Trump. If you really want change in this country like your candidate purported to, instead of voting for Status Quo Joe, you will support the one man who is under siege from the media, big corporations, banks, courts, nonprofits, and non-governmental organizations, the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

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