Casual Sex, Drugs, and Feminism Don’t Make You Cool

I won’t name names, but to many people, especially the ones who will be particularly offended by this title: You know who you are.

There is an inclination in our society today that is this: The earlier and more often you have sex, the more familiar you are with drugs, and the more you believe that there are absolutely no differences between men and women, the more virtuous you are. Today, women with many sexual partners are “liberated,” potheads push for the legalization of their addiction with the help of politicians, and if you so much as dare to suggest that the male and female brains are different, say goodbye to your job, and say hello to the internet search-engine blacklist.

Firstly, anyone who has a problem with sexual promiscuity is labeled a “slut-shamer,” or, a more recent term, an “incel.” The term incel means involuntarily celibate, or is a more trendy way of calling someone a virgin. But when people (who are often mentally damaged from a lifetime of new partners) call someone an incel for pointing out their unhealthy lifestyles, they prove the moral person’s point altogether. They put sex on such a high pedestal that the best insult they can think of is someone who… *gasp* doesn’t have sex. Make no mistake, these people measure their sense of self-worth from how much sex they have. Usually, they don’t get their self-worth from God, as promiscuity cannot coincide with Christian morals, and they don’t get it from simply loving themselves, either. They are miserable, brainwashed people who should be pitied.

Casual sex isn’t cool. You know what is cool? Abstinence until marriage and starting a family. Think I’m out-of-touch for saying this? This was the norm for all of American history from the 1600s all the way to around twenty years ago. Many argue that our society has changed since then, and I don’t disagree. I just think it has changed for the worse. I, unlike many who are guilty, don’t get out of bed in the morning looking for my next hookup, because that is just gross and sad. It’s not a contest to see how many bodies you can tally up. And especially to women, don’t brag about “pulling” guys, because you are actually getting pulled yourself. To everyone, wake up, and realize you have been brainwashed into idolizing a degenerate lifestyle.

Similarly, the growing drug culture is another aspect of this dynamic. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, but it seems I’m the only one who is talking about this. You aren’t cool if you smoke marijuana, especially if you post it on social media. In fact, it makes you look trashy. No one wants to see you blow smoke out of your throat on camera while you wear hypebeast clothes. And the fact that you do it anyway, shows that like the sexual degenerate, you have little to no sense of validation, and therefore seek it at any cost. Either that, or you have low impulse control, evidenced by your drug use, and so you seek attention online without thinking twice.

Despite it being visually unappealing, drug culture continues to grow and grow. More and more states legalize marijuana every year either for recreational or medicinal use, and the entirety of the Democrat party and half of the Republican Party are behind legalization. On top of that, both male and female role models nowadays are drug-obsessed loonies. “I pop pillies, I smoke weed, I drink, haha!” No. Shut up. No one asked. An answer to why the elites are pushing marijuana legalization could be that while our ruling class wrecks the country, they want to drug up the population so no one notices. The British did this to the Chinese in the Opium Wars in the late 1800s, and by the early 1900s, the centuries-old Qing Dynasty collapsed, and China was in anarchy until it became communist. So think when you’ve smoked for a week straight, “Are there problems in my life I’ve failed to notice because I smoke weed all the time?”

And finally, we have feminism. By feminism, I don’t just mean the kind of blue-haired, hambeast feminism you see in YouTube cringe compilations, although that is certainly included in the broader definition. When I mean feminism, I mean gender egalitarianism; the belief that the two sexes are absolutely biologically identical besides their genitalia. Many people will oppose third-wave, blue-haired feminism, but say that the first two waves were good. This is a losing way to think about feminism, because at it’s heart, all feminism is a rejection of the natural order of mankind. For thousands of years, the men have gone out to hunt or to make money for their families, and women have stayed at home to take care of their children. Their husbands were also the only partner the wives would ever have.

Today, that lifestyle for a woman would be called entrapping, boring, even prison-like. This stems from the feminist belief that a woman’s lifestyle should be just the same as a man’s, that is going out to clubs at night, getting into the same workplaces as men, acting masculine, and being financially independent. On top of it all, is the belief that feminism has that 1. God isn’t real, so therefore 2. Sin isn’t real, so therefore 3. You can have as much fun in your life as you want without any repercussions. This is why so many drug-using “liberated” women also subscribe to this family-destroying ideology.

To put it simply, if you object to the fact that women are better suited to be housekeepers then men are, and that men are better suited to be breadwinners than women are, then you have unknowingly been indoctrinated by feminist (egalitarian) propaganda. You watch too many movies and watch too much mainstream media. Use common sense! A husband is almost always physically stronger than his wife. So break free from the mold. Feminist orthodoxy is evil and anti-nature, and certainly doesn’t make you more appealing to the opposite sex.

In conclusion, while society may reward you for these things, it isn’t earned. To be a good person, you must 1. Stop giving up your body to strangers, 2. Stop doing drugs, and 3. Accept your biological role for God’s sake. To anyone with a brain, this will make you a valuable person. Embrace tradition, it’s there for a reason.

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