Illegals and Refugees First, Americans Last

While the American people have been held inside of their homes for weeks on end, America has continued to resettle refugees from all over the world in your neighborhoods. And while many middle class Americans didn’t qualify for the $1200 stimulus check, state governments and charity organizations are making it so every single illegal alien within their jurisdiction do.

We begin with the recent action that was taken in California. On Wednesday, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that California was going to provide $75 million in taxpayer money, along with $50 million provided by charity organizations, to provide every single illegal alien in California with a stimulus check. Meanwhile, many middle-class Californians whose salaries exceed the threshold for receiving a check, but are made up for by the exceedingly high cost of living in California, won’t get a penny. Worse of all, they’ll be paying for most of the illegals’ checks. There have been no words yet from the Governor on what is to come for these taxpayers, and don’t be expecting it any time soon…

Nationwide, a similar phenomena is occurring. While it has been reduced due to action by the Trump administration, the practice of refugee resettlement has continued despite Americans who already live here being forced inside of their homes indefinitely. According to, we have resettled over 1,000 people from Afghanistan in the past four weeks. Overall, for fiscal year 2020, that number sat at 7,870 by April 13. Similarly, there have been equivalent numbers from other countries, such as Iraq and Syria. Perhaps the most troubling thing about all of this is that there was no mention of any of these people being tested or quarantined upon arrival. But you can rest assured knowing that American citizens will get arrested for jogging or going to church! Anything for public safety, right? Except for our protected classes.

While credit should be given to the Trump administration for lowering the refugee cap per year to a minimum, the fact that we are still resettling potentially infected refugees in the name of diversity is quite troubling. This is yet another example of both private organizations and government working together to screw over the American people. In California, due to the high cost of living, many people make too much money to qualify for a stimulus check, and are forced to spend that money to afford rent, etc, leaving them with nothing. What does the government and charities do, the two bodies charged with assisting the needy? They give money to criminal aliens, some of it on their dimes, and give no mention of assistance to those who are left hanging.

In the case of refugee resettlement, the act of resettlement is actually run by refugee resettlement agencies. These are separate entities from the government, although they work closely together. The act of starting up a refugee resettlement agency is already an act that puts America last, but now imagine running one when social distancing is tantamount, and anyone could be infected. It’s already been proven that in New York, patient zero was an Iranian, and in Washington, patient zero was Chinese. Moreover, in Italy, patient zero was a Pakistani food worker who refused to self-isolate after testing positive. So with this history of COVID-19 being spread by open-borders immigration policies, why are they being continued? Why are refugee resettlement agencies knowingly putting the American people at risk?

In the Constitution, the President is explicitly given the power to halt immigration as he sees fit for as long as he wants. Trump has already addressed other areas of concern, and it’s time he does the same here. And last time we checked, jurisdiction of American immigration policy altogether is with the federal government. Why are we allowing radical left-wing governors that hate their own people to screw them over? President Trump needs to reign them in, and take America by the wheel.

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