Abortion is Murder

We have an entire generation of women who have been brainwashed into believing it’s okay to murder their own unborn children for convenience.

When this gets published, I fully expect to get called every single name in the books that pro-abortion women use to substitute actual arguments for. When you are called an incel, virgin, or a sexist, it’s because in order to dismiss you in their minds, many abortion advocates will portray you as someone seen as undesirable in society, so they don’t have to actually think about a response. Since sex is seen as a status symbol to these people, someone who isn’t a sexual degenerate like them isn’t worthy of a discussion with. You’re right, I don’t fornicate like a rabbit like you do! Instead, I will be going to heaven.

With that out of the way, I am going to list exactly why abortion is murder, why so many try to justify it, and the consequences of abortion being legal nationwide. Buckle up.

To put it simply, abortion is murder because life begins at conception. How does life begin at conception? A 2013 article from liveaction.org provides 21 quotations from scientific textbooks, studies, and even an official U.S. Senate report which all state that life begins at conception, with the reasoning being that at conception, the fetus gains a unique DNA strand that never had an exact copy before and will never have any equivalent in the future. We know that DNA provides the blueprint for organisms to develop into whatever species they are, so since every human is genetically unique via their DNA, a unique strand of DNA being present is undeniable proof that a new human is indeed alive, however small he/she may be.

“I don’t care! A woman can do what she wants with her body!” A screaming street-marching feminist might tell you. They are wrong. A fetus cannot be simply a vestige of the mother, because if that were true, the fetus wouldn’t have DNA entirely unique from both the mother and father. I have yet to come across any honest argument disproving this fact, which provides a great foundation for the pro-life argument.

Many pro-abortion advocates like to chip away with abortion legalization by saying things like, “It’s okay, we understand that when it has a brain, the fetus is alive!” or “It’s okay, no abortions will happen after the fetus gains a heartbeat!” or any kind of obfuscation like this. Ignore all of them, because they are pointless. All abortion, no matter when, is murder because we have proven that life begins at conception, and the burden of proof is on them to disprove it. In my experience, people tend to forfeit that aspect of the argument, and instead try to justify why killing their baby is OK.

Many will say, “What about cases of rape or incest?” A 2019 study by the Guttmacher Institute found that actually, only 1% of all abortions are performed because of rape, and less than .5% happen because of incest. Some will say that the rape number is skewed down because of the amount of women that did not admit they were raped, but either way, the number is extremely low. Instead, we find that around 98.5% of all abortions are done because of personal inconvenience, financial hardship, career aspirations, or the small amount of medical complications. Firstly, I believe abortions due to medical emergencies are out of the patient’s control, so no blame is on them for that. While that is still unfortunate, people die from diseases all the time, after all. For everything else, though, the numbers are right there for you. You cannot base public policy on anything based on 1.5%, let alone abortion policy. You must govern on the behalf of the majority, in this case 98.5% of people. It shouldn’t be that difficult.

Moreover, for anyone who has had an abortion or attempts to justify abortion by bringing up the non-essential, material reasons like their careers or educations, have you really sunk that low? Knowing that your baby is alive at conception, have you been swallowed into our soulless culture to such an extent that you are really willing to kill your offspring in order to make more money working for a corporation, or to get a degree from a college that is most likely infested with Marxist professors? Wake up and repent. You have been convinced to go against the very means of how our species reproduces in order to pursue material goods. That is literally anti-nature. There is something inherently immoral, sick, and repulsive about that way of thinking. No sources are needed for this one.

Now, imagine you are a pro-lifer having a debate about abortion, using the same arguments you are reading here, and you get the opposition to back down from their radical viewpoints, and instead say that regardless of your views, the government simply shouldn’t interfere with someone’s personal life. This is a ploy to appeal to many mainstream conservatives’ and libertarians’ affinities for small government. Don’t buy it. The Declaration of Independence, as well as the 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution, state that the government has the right to protect “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness/Property.” It’s right there, Life. Given that we know that fetuses are alive because of their DNA strands, even the most ardent libertarians should agree that the government has every right to protect the lives of its citizens, even the unborn.

There is all the proof you need that abortion is murder, and a summary of the counterarguments. Now, let’s take a look at what the consequences of the legalization of mass abortion have been on our nation.

Since 1973, when Roe v. Wade legalized abortion, over 60 million babies have been killed inside the womb, according to both the Guttmacher Institute and the CDC. In 1970, the American population was 215 million people. Now, it is at almost 330 million. Doing the math, America has 115 million more people now than it did then. But with 60 million Americans being aborted in the same time frame, that means that over a third of all new people that America would have had in its borders today were instead aborted.

It doesn’t stop there, however. The vast majority of America’s population growth is via immigration, not birthrates. With the Hart-Cellar Immigration Act of 1965 being passed at around the same time as Roe v. Wade, immigration skyrocketed while birthrates plummeted below the replacement rate of 2.1 children per family. This phenomena is shown with a Center for Immigration Studies report using Census Bureau data, which charts that the current projected population number in 2050 will be 436 million people with the exact same immigration policy and birthrate that we have today. In contrast, without any immigration at all, the population in 2050 will be only 340 million.

Once again doing the math, it is evident that over 90% of all population growth projected to happen will be due to immigration. If abortion were illegal, 42% of future population growth will be due to births, instead of just less than 10%.

Take whatever conclusions you will about our immigration policy with these numbers, but one of the consequences of abortion is this: We are aborting our own population in the womb, and instead inviting the rest of the world to take their place. Such a policy is unsustainable, and is a recipe for disaster. America won’t be the same place you grew up in if this continues.

Another devastating effect of mass abortion has been the cultural impact. Before Roe v. Wade, for example in the 1950s, family values were at the center of American society. Soldiers were returning home from World War 2 to a female population eager to welcome them. They didn’t call it the Baby Boom for nothing. For a time, the American birthrate eclipsed India’s. Homes were affordable, husbands made money, and wives were loyal. All of these are results of monogamy (which is only having one partner for your life) being enforced in society. If a woman became pregnant, since abortion was not an option in most cases, her best option would have been to marry the father and raise their child together. This led to wholesome families being created, which raised better children as a result. Back then, cheating and divorce were seen as societal ills.

For a time, there were actually consequences for having sex. That was until Roe v. Wade, which alongside contraceptives, unlocked the potential for everybody to have as much sex as they wanted, with no consequences. For example, if a wife really wanted to, she could now cheat on her husband without him ever knowing, because if she ever got pregnant with someone else’s child, it could be silently killed. Men and women are fundamentally different biologically, including their sexual nature. Women have to face more consequences for casual sex, it just is what it is. So when those consequences were removed, women began to act more like men, getting corporate jobs and entering higher schooling, which took them out of the household. With no one to take care of the children at home, no one wanted to have any. Often, with wages falling due to women expanding the workforce, no one could even afford to. This trend of “liberation” has continued to today, where now the majority of women believe they can do everything a man can, have no responsibility to bare children, and in fact hate the men they used to marry. Today, the 1950s are looked upon as the common scapegoat for American sexism, when in fact it was arguably the heyday of American prosperity. Since then, our values have been upended.

In summary, no matter what anyone says, abortion has been proven to be murder, and any justification falters in the face of that. Now, because of mass abortion, no one wants to have any children anymore, which has gotten to the point that America will soon cease to exist because no more Americans are being born. Abortion has been a genocidal travesty placed upon us in this time, and any moral person has an obligation to oppose it for the sake of God and their country.

One thought on “Abortion is Murder

  1. Actually, you might not get any responses, but people will be reading. When I heard about abortion, as a kid, I cried. I couldn’t understand it. Babies are the most precious and the most innocent. Later, I learned as you did, that once the two parts come together, a baby is on the way, and like all things requires development. Once conception happens, we’ve never seen a giraffe, monkey, frog, or any other creature arrive. Always a human baby. And even in life after birth, we are always in development until we enter the grave. It’s called life, and it’s precious. **The difficulty you will be dealing with, and I’ve seen it all too often with subjects all across the spectrum, is people have mechanisms in their heads that can rationalize anything. It’s more difficult for those who’ve done what they internally know is wrong, or a decision that should have required more thinking and learning, making excuses, then having to go back and realize. But some have, and they changed for the better, encouraging others to do the right thing. But, you have to speak truly. Let each person make their decisions, but you have to speak truly.

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