How to Get Involved

Once someone reaches a certain level of knowledge, they may feel compelled to volunteer.

What does this mean? When you finally realize that unless things do not change, America has 30 years at best left in its lifeline, it is only rational to want to do what you can to save your country. But what about when very little people realize what the problem is? The following will be a guide for each age group, for primarily those who are already fully informed followers of the America First movement, although it can apply to others as well.

But firstly, let us make known that a balance needs to be reached between success in your own life and your contributions to the movement. On one hand, you shouldn’t completely ruin your life by associating with every single dissident voice and organization, as not all are America First and some look very bad on an internet background search. On the other hand, you shouldn’t abandon your personal convictions in pursuit of the most material wealth as possible. For example, don’t become a banker and not help us. By all means though, become a banker if you can. For many people, where they lie on the scale of this dichotomy will differ depending on their circumstances; Some will be outspoken on the front lines, while others might remain mostly silent while providing crucial support behind the scenes. But without further ado:


As young people, we are somewhat limited in what we can do, but don’t be discouraged. Firstly, anybody can start anonymous accounts online, whether it be on Instagram, Twitter, etc. There are many higher-ups in the movement who did just this that no one knows the names and faces of. With anonymity, you have more freedom to say what you want, associate with who you want, and respond to whoever you want. In most cases, you can simply recreate them if they get banned. Anonymous accounts can also apply to people who already do activism IRL, which is to say that even they can start another anonymous account in addition to their personal account.

Assuming you are using your real name, however, there are other things you can do. One of these is joining conservative groups that already have infrastructure and a history of getting things done. With this being election year, a great opportunity is the Trump campaign. Not only is this a great way to meet people and make connections, but the Trump administration is increasingly being influenced by America Firsters in government and otherwise, so don’t expect to be in a hostile environment by any means. Moreover, if you join the Trump campaign and do things like phone banking and door knocking, you can rise up in the ranks and get positions like Field Director or even further, where you are the one organizing actions. Naturally, as in most employment environments, the ability to move up is there.

On your own, opportunities exist such as starting a podcast, a YouTube/DLive channel, or a WordPress website. It’s better to have a presence outside of the major social media companies, because then you will evade most of their censorship. For example, I think I am a lot less likely to be banned by WordPress than Twitter, but obviously there’s no guarantee there. Whatever startup you may invest in, play to your talents. If you are a great writer, write. If you are a skilled speaker, speak. Everyone has their own role, and there’s no point in trying to be like someone else if their role is already filled.

At school, while high schools often lack clubs or organizations on campus, you should join any that have a relation to politics or advocacy. Be sure to join any conservative group available to you, but in most cases, schools have only neutral groups such as a Model UN and debate/speech team. Despite this, if you want to hone your public speaking, debate, or policy-making skills, these are the places to go. In the same way that joining the football team will whip you into shape, joining these types of clubs will sharpen your mind and give you a taste of what a life of advocacy will really feel like.

Finally, most of my readers will understand that education has been strongly been influenced/infiltrated by Marxists or liberals, whatever you want to call them. Our national curriculum, Common Core, has been admitted by one of its creators as being made for political reasons. Locally, at least where I’m from, the Social Studies wing is entirely compromised, with both the curriculum and lecturers having ulterior motives. With that in mind, you have to realize that without a dissenting voice in class, most of your fellow students will be subject to political propaganda and absorb it as the unbiased truth. By speaking up in class as a countermeasure, you serve as the spokesperson for the other side for your classmates to listen to, to lessen the amount of students that become totally indoctrinated. Be sure to stay optical while doing this, and frame your responses as inquiries and insight instead of belligerent bickering. If done correctly, you will save a lot of people from a truly flawed worldview.

College students:

By the time college comes around, your opportunities will expand. Almost all colleges have a College Republican campus org or a Turning Point USA chapter. Despite what you might hear about TPUSA from our circles, it may be worth your time to join them and see how many of their ambassadors are actually sympathetic to us. Regardless of your choice, meet and make friends with the members. Spread the word. Influencing 10 people with some degree of power can have a larger impact than influencing 30 people who have never heard of politics before. If you are a senior in high school, you could still reach out and get know some people at the local CR group at the college of your choice. Overall, if you do this correctly, you can steer decisions made in your organization, such as which speakers get invited to speak at your campus. The repercussions of your actions all layer upwards.

In class, college is different in the fact that 1. You pay for all of your classes and if you fail, you have to pay again and 2. In college, professors are much more ideological and have the power to fail whoever they want. At your college classes and in your college assignments, you might have to be a bit more undercover. This may be hard, but keep in mind while you are doing so that it is for the greater good.

During both high school and college, common sense says that one should hold a part-time job and save money to gain assets over time alongside everything else. Personal finance is important, and especially so in cases like these where there are going to be many people who would like to see you broke and defeated. At the same time, be a good student. You will lose credibility if you can’t even complete your classwork. To put it all simply, save your money and keep your grades up. A truly earth-shattering take, I know.


As a highschooler I can’t speak too much on this, but here’s my two cents: Depending on their majors, college graduates will end up in different spots in their lives. For politically-minded people, this might be somewhere in the business, law, journalism, or political science fields. Whatever it may be, again, you must find the right balance between covering for yourself and contributing to the movement, wherever it might be for your situation. If you start making a lot of money, consider donating. If you go into law school, change the landscape in the legal field. Most commonly, we see political science graduates enter politics by interning at a political office during their junior and senior college years, then landing a similar full-time job afterwards. From there, they move up. From the words of a well-revered talk show host that has connections in DC:

“Many of you don’t realize how easy it is to take high positions in these firms. Often times, all you have to do is show up.”

For highschoolers, college students, and adults alike: We are the future. The left used similar tactics to the ones I have described when they subverted college campuses and their connected employment sites with the hippie revolution of the 1960s and 70s. For everyone who wants to take America by the wheel again, (I phrase I like to use) it’s time for us to do the same.

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