Our Generation

What does the future hold for our country?

The population in the United States has always been divided into generations for at least the last 200 years. The Silent Generation fought in World War 1. The Greatest Generation fought in World War 2, and created the utopia of the 1950s. The Baby Boomers were born after all of the Greatest Generation troops came home to their wives. Gen X, people that are 30-40ish years old, followed the boomers. After them was Gen Y, more commonly known as millennials, who were born before the turn of the century in the 80s and 90s. However, don’t be mistaken: when you hear “you damn millennials!” directed at you, the person saying it is wrong. Everyone born around the late 90s to today is instead what is known as Generation Z, referred to colloquially as Zoomers online.

What differentiates the Zoomers from the rest? Those of you who know the relevant facts will be aware of the background for this, but for those who don’t: Our country has been in decline since the Boomers became of age in the 60s and 70s. Specific instances of America’s decline include the Hart-Cellar Immigration Act of 1965, which set the course for White Americans to become a minority by 2045, the sexual revolution, which tanked the American birthrate, and Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion, among other things.

The Boomers enacted these policies, Gen X accepted them, and the millennials embraced them, but where are we today? The actions of the 60s and 70s began what 1990s Republican presidential candidate and paleoconservative legend Pat Buchanan coined “the culture war.” This war is between the shrinking numbers of traditionalists, and the rising numbers of progressives which included much of the boomer generation when they were younger. But most importantly, it caused the divide we see in America today, which is at it’s widest gap ever in Generation Z.

The Zoomer generation is the most politically, culturally, and socially conflicted generation ever. On one side a 2016 study found that compared to their very integrated millennial elders at 18%, 41% of Generation Z attends church. Eight out of ten Zoomers describe themselves as “fiscally conservative,” meaning they spend their money wisely. They are 16% less likely to have drank alcohol as a teenager compared to millennials, and have a lower teen pregnancy rate and substance abuse rate, and a higher chance of graduating with the rest of their peers at school. Also, a British study found that Zoomers are ten times more likely to disapprove of tattoos compared to millennials.

Perhaps most telling is the story of young Zoomer men. For example, according to a Harris poll done for “Accelerating Acceptance,” in the span of 3 years, the percentage of those with favorable views towards LGBT people went from 62% in 2016, to 40% in 2017, to 35% in 2018. Generation Z is the most traditional generation in a long time, but only among white and white male Zoomers.

The caveat is that white Zoomers are now a minority. Pew Research Center found that in 2018, 48% of Generation Z described themselves as part of a minority group. Within the margin of error, or if many didn’t consider themselves a minority but actually are, it is likely that whites have already become less than 50% of our generation. By 2020, it’s almost a guarantee. Also, it just so happens that nonwhite Zoomers are the exact opposite of what white Zoomers are, embracing every single form of media shown to them, and sponging up all the political views that comes with it. There isn’t a source needed for this because there are so many. Countless newspapers and magazines online are celebrating the fact that 1. Gen Z is the most diverse ever and 2. Its progressiveness as a result. On a side note, keep in mind that this dynamic only applies to Generation Z, and that whites will remain the majority for a while longer because obviously, the majority white previous generations are still alive.

Regardless, there is one half of our generation that of which for the most part represents the old order’s views, and the other half that represents the coming tides. Compared to the average boomer conservative that is a milquetoast small-government advocate, the Zoomer conservative is a traditionalist, opposing same-sex marriage, transgenderism, sexual liberation, and mass immigration. After all, where did you think the terms “simp,” “thot,” and Trump’s young 2016 supporters came from? At the same time, compared to the average Democrat voter that simply wants better wages for workers, the Generation Z liberal is a revolutionary, a deconstructionist. They want things like widespread same-sex marriage, gender theory studies, and open borders, which all will either explicitly or covertly abolish the institution of marriage, relations between the sexes, and the United States altogether. These people made up the core of Bernie Sanders’ dedicated voter bases in both 2016 and 2020.

As a result, there won’t be conservatives and liberals entering government in the future, but instead paleoconservatives and socialists. The question of our times then, is this: Who will triumph? Who will win Pat Buchanan’s fabled cultural war? Who will seize power first? It’s a race in the form of a power grab.

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