Job Seeking During Lockdown

In this week’s rendition of Casual Saturday, we are going to go over what has happened to the job market during these times, and how you can take advantage of it.

So to begin, quite obviously, unemployment in the United States has risen to a point very rarely seen before, an increase of 30 million people in 6 weeks. This means that there are 30 million more people that are looking for a job, competing with you, the reader. So how can you stay ahead of the game?

It takes a fair amount of foresight. Think about what has closed, and what has stayed open. Bars, restaurants, venues, parks, and other public places have all closed their doors. However, as we all know, places like grocery stores have remained open, as they have been deemed as essential businesses. People have to eat, after all. Also still left running are food delivery services, as since people can’t actually enter the building of a food business, instead many food places have taken to bringing their food straight to the customer. Finally, as someone who has had a laptop, mousepads, and books delivered to me via Amazon during lockdown, I can tell you that this means that packaging warehouses are still up and running. In fact, I would have landed a job at one in my hometown last month if I were 18 and not 17…

Anyway, let’s see what we can take away from these circumstances. Firstly, obviously since those 3 types of employers are among the only places open at the moment, they are the only places you can apply for a job to. But it’s deeper than that; Since everywhere else is closed, the traffic and revenue that used to be directed elsewhere have all been directed to a few concentrated areas. It makes sense, after all; Since grocery stores and food delivery are some of the few remaining ways to get your meals, there are going to be more people going to grocery stores and delivering food than usual, including the people that used to go out to eat often. This means that because there is more demand for these business’ products, there will be increased demand from them for labor, as they need workers to actually provide their services to customers.

It’s all about finding where the demand is. Since restaurants are closed, work at grocery stores that will be taking their place. Since more people are ordering food than perhaps ever before, work as a pizza delivery guy or an Uber Eats driver. And since people can’t buy their goods in person anymore, work at a packaging factory where they are shipped online.

Make no mistake, though. I’m not stating any revolutionary ideas here; everybody basically knows the dynamic between non-essential and essential businesses by now, and they know that only essential businesses are hiring. So to stay ahead of the game, check every day for job openings. Maybe there’s a small business in town that many people look over that is hiring, or maybe a place has been designated an essential business that many might not be aware of. General job-seeking skills will apply here, whether that is having connections or applying the right way, etc.

I mentioned in “Exit Quarantine Better Than You Entered It” that while many are stagnating inside their homes at this moment, not moving forward in life, you have been given an opportunity to gain ground on them, or increase your lead. If you’re making money and they’re not, that leaves you in a better position. And while yes, many are on unemployment and have received a stimulus check, many, many people aged 17-24 such as myself have been claimed as dependents and didn’t make enough money to qualify for unemployment, leaving them with no money. So while the rest make strictly $1,200 in one month, why don’t we make more than that with all the free time we have? That is by far and clear one of the best ways to better yourself before exiting your doors back into society when this is all over.

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