Was He Really Just Jogging?

Today, we’re going to go over the case of Ahmaud Arbery’s shooting, which has media and society up in arms.

This incident actually happened on February 23, 2020, and has only been brought up again out of the blue. Regardless, here is the story. Gregory McMichael and Travis McMichael, a father and son at 64 and 34 years old, were at home one day. Ahmaud Arbery, 25, had apparently run by their yard around 1 PM on a Sunday afternoon. According to them, he had resembled a man from previous accounts who had broken into people’s homes. The police report from the incident stated that Gregory McMichael were fed up with the constant break-ins reported around their neighborhood, and told the police that Arbery had been caught on camera “the other day” reaching into his pants, as to pull out a gun. “Travis, the guy is running down the street, let’s go,” said Gregory to his son. Unsure if he was armed, the two hopped into their truck with a shotgun and .357 Magnum, and took after him.

On the graphic video that perhaps has been widespread on the Internet for emotional effect, Gregory and Travis unsuccessfully tried first to cut off Arbery’s path on Buford Road with their truck. Arbery in response started running the other way. The McMichaels tried again to cut him off. After the second attempt, with his son driving, Gregory got in the bed of the truck. The two of them were yelling, “Stop, we want to talk to you!” Travis then pulled up beside Arbery a third time, and stepped out of the driver’s seat with his shotgun. It was at this moment that Ahmaud Arbery ran around the passenger side of the truck on someone’s yard, circled around, charged Travis and reached for his shotgun, and began struggling for it. Gregory, on the other hand, saw his son fighting over who would be on the receiving end of the barrel of a 12-gauge shotgun as he fumbled for his Magnum. Travis shot Ahmaud three times during the fight, once in the hand that was trying to pull the barrel away from him. Under Georgia law, the McMichaels had been found innocent by “stand your ground” laws previously targeted by activists that permit killing in self-defense. Keep in mind that the manner in which the two carried their firearms in public is also legal in Georgia with a license.

That information is all according to the police report, Georgia state law, and the video itself. Regardless of the politeness or the etiquette in chasing down someone in the street with your truck, no laws were broken. And during the confrontation, by simply watching the video, you can see that Travis didn’t want to kill Arbery, but had to because a literal shotgun would have been pointed at him if he didn’t. Him being found innocent under stand-your-ground laws verifies this. Moreover, if Arbery really was just jogging, why was he wearing jeans? That would be very uncomfortable, and would be a very odd choice in clothing. And in February? Ahmaud seemed to be a very dedicated athlete, determined to get in shape despite it being winter and wearing stiff jeans. There is no possible way that he was up to something else, not at all…

So what has been the outrage? According to the media, Arbery was just the usual unarmed black man often cited in news stories, and a casual jogger, going about his daily exercise, presumably in some kind of tracksuit, when two murderous and evil white men showed up to physically enact their hatred. An innocent black man being ruthlessly slaughtered as he went about his day was ample evidence of the fabled white supremacy that haunted our society, the media has been telling us. Now, in order to appease those who we have angered, we are all supposed to repent for our sins, and become good, compliant anti-racist activists.

Take a look at the police report and video, though, and not sensationalized articles from newspapers that purport to be neutral, and you will see the real story for yourself. So with the truth out of the way, be sure to enlighten anyone uninformed that is being spread to the fabricated tale of the McMichaels’ white supremacy. If they don’t hear the other side of the story, they will assume the media’s narrative as the absolute truth.

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