It’s Time to End the Lockdown

At first, it made sense and worked to a degree. But now, we’re being told on one hand that the lockdown will now only end when the pandemic ends, and on the other hand we’re being told that the pandemic will never end. What’s the end goal? More and more so, it seems as though the lockdown isn’t really meant for “flattening the curve,” but rather for establishing a new order. Because of this, it must end.

It started out as a preventative measure meant to limit contact between people, therefore limiting the coronavirus’ spread. Since COVID-19 is an airborne, communicable virus, this made sense. Across the United States, statewide lockdowns were issued, and the Trump administration placed travel restrictions on China and Europe. As a result, despite the United States having a population of 330 million compared to any European country with a fraction of that number, the ratio of infected people per 100,000 was lower than the ratios of Europe, and the recovery rate in America tells a similar story. Healthcare facilities were also at full operation, not once being overwhelmed like those of Italy, where doctors had to choose who lived and who died.

Overall, while one can debate to what degree the lockdown that was issued was overbearing or warranted, the result was that of a success… but at what price? It seems that we were so focused on sick people during these few months that we forgot about the healthy people, who are a few percentage points from being everybody in the country entirely. How did they deal with the lockdown? Everybody had to deal with the same thing… and as it turns out, some did better than others. In “China is Our Enemy,” I brought up the social effects of the quarantine. This included things such as unemployment, alcoholism, drug abuse, mental issues, and suicide. To expand upon that, here are some troubling statistics:

-Since lockdown began, 33 million Americans have lost their jobs.

-According to the Becker Friedman Institute, more than 40% of the 33 million jobs lost will never return.

-This could make the net amount of jobs lost greater than the 12 million of the 2008 recession.

-Unemployment in an individual can cause… alcoholism, drug abuse, mental issues, and suicide.

-In particular, the University of Zurich found that 1 in 5 of all suicides have to do with unemployment. With unemployment on the rise, suicides are guaranteed to follow.

-Also, the research firm Nielsen found that by April, online alcohol sales skyrocketed by 243%.

-Alcoholism can be driven by unemployment, according to a 1992 study by the American Sociological Association.

These are a few choice statistics out of the countless that tell us that the lockdown has been a disaster for our country in so many ways. Moreover, not every place in the world has needed them, as you can point to Midwestern states or Sweden to find examples where despite not having lockdowns, the amount of cases is similar to or better than places that have placed lockdowns. But regardless, the intended effect of the lockdowns has been achieved. When can we expect to escape our homes and remedy the massive side effects of the prescription that our country has been given?

If you were to ask Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, the WHO, Janet Mills, or the city of Los Angeles that question, you would think you have to stay in your house forever. Dr. Fauci has said that lockdown restrictions will last for over a year, and that we’re probably never going to shake hands ever again. Bill Gates, as does Fauci, wants all of the restrictions to remain in place until a vaccine is found, which could take up to 18 months. The World Health Organization at first said that travel restrictions wouldn’t work, then they said that masks wouldn’t work, then they discouraged blaming China, then were defunded by the Trump administration when they were proven wrong on all 3 counts. Now, they are working closely with Bill Gates, who has also treaded water for China. To top all of their varying statements off, yesterday the WHO claimed that the COVID-19 pandemic will never end…

More yet, Janet Mills, the governor of Maine, extended her state’s stay-at-home order all throughout May, despite the fact that Maine had only 33 casualties at the time of the extension. In her address, she said the new restrictions were “A slow walk towards a better life.” I thought we were trying to return to the life we had before? Lastly, but perhaps most disturbingly, the city of Los Angeles has been extended their shutdown for the next 3 months will “all certainty.” Whether the people like it or not, Los Angeles will more than double the amount of time it has spent under lockdown already.

There are avenues you can take on the Internet to find theories on our global elite’s true intentions behind all of the slogans and guidelines. They will tell you about drones spying on people in New Jersey, Bill Gates’ vaccine having something else other than a vaccine in it, China’s attempted world takeover with the assistance of the UN in the wake of the outbreak, Trump’s strong disagreements with Dr. Fauci and his crew in the Oval Office, or Google and Apple’s collusion to spy on the American people through their cell phones to enforce lockdown restrictions. All of these theories are either verifiably true or have reasonable suspicion to them, but for the sake of the simplicity of this discussion, let’s assume we have no idea what it could be. All we know is that a new age is being planned, and it definitely hasn’t been voted on.

No matter what their intention is, it must be stopped. Not only will opening our economy save our fellow Americans from suicide, drugs, alcoholism, mental strife, and poverty, but it will thwart the forces behind the scenes trying to hijack the world. Some states and countries have opened early or stayed open entirely, and they have been just fine. After all, if the pandemic is never going to end, what’s the point in any restrictions at all? It would be better for the United States, as the global hegemon, to forge ahead with life and battle COVID-19 at the same time. Similar to how you as a person can progress while most others remain stagnant during lockdown, America can do the same on a national scale. That is the capability of a superpower.

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