How to be Whitepilled

(For the uninitiated, to be whitepilled is to be optimistic and happy about the future, and to be blackpilled is to be hopeless and depressed about the future.)

We know some horrible things about this world. How does one avoid hopelessness?

We know that America is on a ticking time bomb… Figuratively speaking, of course! The only demographic that votes Republican is going to become a minority. As this happens, all of the others will arise in a coalition of racial grievances. The future for our children doesn’t look bright…

With permanent Democrat control will come the infinite perversion of everything we hold sacred. Whatever remained of the traditional family will be gone. Christianity will probably be eradicated instead of just being persecuted by half of society. The borders will be swung right open; ready to invite anyone from the globe with two legs and a beating heart. Attracting them here at home will be a slew of social programs and welfare systems including socialized healthcare and free college, paid for by taxes on the native middle class. Our children will be taught that our history is full of diabolically evil racism and sexism, and that there is nothing to be proud of as an American. During these lessons, your children will be looked at by their increasingly nonwhite classmates as somehow guilty for the sins against them being described in their history textbook. Your child’s next class will be an exaggerated version of Sex Ed, where at an age below 10 they will be taught that gender is what you say it is, that sex transitional surgery is OK, that they should try having sexual activity as young as possible and as much as possible, and to never have children of their own, because in a free country, you can take part in whatever immoral and unhealthy vice you want, right? If this isn’t told to your son/daughter by a health teacher, it will be told to them by a male drag queen. To summarize, soon, if things do not change, The historical American nation will be abolished, Christian morals will be in the dustbin of history, and the Death of the West will be complete. This is all not just a possible outcome, but an inevitable one under the current status quo.

That is a lot to take in. There are instances and statistics to prove the existence of every one of the trends I just mentioned, and I’m sure I left out some, but that isn’t the point today. Instead, today’s Casual Saturday is about how we deal with all this knowledge.

Mentally, how does one cope with this? Many have different strategies. For myself, I think of it this way, inspired by Stoicism: If something is in your control, you need not worry about it, because you can change it yourself. Conversely, if something isn’t in your control, you need not worry about it, because there is nothing you can do. In our country today, people like us are at the frontlines of the political battlefield and many of us have given up a lot for the cause. Nick Fuentes could have worked at The Daily Wire with Ben Shapiro. Michelle Malkin has been disowned by the Young Americans’ Foundation for her association with the America First crowd. Personally, I have made a lot of enemies with this website in my class of peers. And lastly, but definitely not the final example that could be listed, we have all been in one way or another been afflicted by the mass power that the Left has over the Internet, including but not relegated to big tech censorship. Some of us have been able to slip into the cracks of society undetected, which is a great thing, but the common factor among all of us, no matter the circumstance, is that we regret nothing at all. Under the Stoic dichotomy I described, we are doing what is in our power. We mustn’t worry about we can fix ourselves, because ideally, we already are, and will do so when new opportunities arise. Over time, those new opportunities will go from something that is outside our ability, thus not warranting any fret, to something that is within our jurisdiction, allowing us to tackle those issues, thus not warranting any worry.

Always keep that in mind. Tackle what you can, live with what you cannot tackle. Over time, you will be able to tackle more and more. That is the philosophical angle at how to cope. Now, let’s look at what has been done to remedy the societal ills I described earlier.

From when Trump announced his candidacy in 2015 to now in 2020, it has been 5 years. What was the Republican party debating back then? It was whether they should give amnesty to all illegal aliens, or only some of them. Legal immigration was a taboo topic never to be discussed unless it was about whether it should be increased or not, at over 1 million per year back then. Now, things have vastly changed. The debate is over about illegal immigration, because with the election of Donald Trump, the Republicans came to a consensus that all illegal aliens will be rightfully deported, whether the establishment GOP likes it or not. It would be politically suicidal for for them to oppose that now. The Overton Window has been shifted on legal immigration, too: Now, the RAISE Act has been floated multiple times in Congress, which would reduce the overall amount of immigrants allowed to come to the US. In the executive office, Trump has placed a travel ban on several third-world countries and rogue states, eliminated birth tourism, where pregnant tourists come and have their babies in the US so their children become citizens, and has finally begun to start enforcing the public charge rule, which is a clause in our immigration law that states that if an immigrant seeking a green card cannot pay for their own public services, then the US has the right to refuse them entry. This executive order in particular has the potential to decrease overall US immigration by two thirds, which considering the demographic situation in our country, is a huge thing. The U.S. Supreme Court has already voted in favor of the order, meaning no federal court or pro-bono lawyers can challenge it anymore, either. The Trump administration has been disappointing in some aspects, but real progress has already been made on immigration, the #1 issue in our country today.

Enter the Coronavirus pandemic. With public health at the forefront, immigration restriction is a common-sense answer. Trump has placed travel bans on China and Europe (Europeans vote Democrat too), and the US CIS had unofficially de facto stopped giving out green cards already before Trump signed an executive order officially suspending all green cards for 60 days, with an option to extend that date for quite a while.

Make no mistake, however, Trump gave in when he allowed guest worker programs to remain despite the pandemic. Two nights before the “immigration ban,” Trump tweeted,

All immigration would have included the hundreds of thousands of guest workers allowed into the US annually, which serve the explicit purpose of replacing American labor. However, that is where the debate is now: The GOP is debating whether we should extend and expand the immigration ban to cover absolutely ALL immigration or not. Letters have been sent to the President by members of Congress like Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar, Steve King, etc, urging the President to extend and expand the ban. Moreover, internally, White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller has floated just that, making the ban last up to 3 years and having it cover everybody. Imagine having a 3-year immigration moratorium, which the vast supermajority of Americans’ support to boot, according to national polling.

From 2015 to now, look how far we have come! While our country’s illness began in 1965, it has taken us 5 years to almost remedy the core problem entirely. With immigration comes Democratic voters, and with Democratic voters come anti-American policies. So by cutting off immigration, we are pressing the brake on the car we are in that is headed for a cliff, figuratively speaking. Moreover, the opportunity for immigration restrictionists like ourselves to speak out is rising, with Trump floating our ideas. We are no longer seen as crazy.

There are still negative trends we see today that are yet to be addressed, but the progress we have made on immigration has been disproportionately positive compared to the direction of other issues in the same time frame. In other words, we are exponentially gaining ground.

Connecting back to the philosophical aspect of this, this means that more and more of what we thought was impossible is now becoming within our reach. Our actions are becoming greater and greater, meaning that we are forced to live with less and less of what we don’t like. As a movement, we must keep trudging on. We are at a better position than we have ever been before, so to stop now would ruin everything. When your enemy retreats, pursue. When we gave inches, they took miles. Now that we are being given ground, it’s time we do the same.

Some may have different advice, and that’s fine, but I will say this: Stay sane knowing you are doing what you can, and that you can do more and more to save our country with every coming day.

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