FBI Confirms Naval Air Station Shooter in Pensacola, FL Was a Terrorist for Al-Qaeda, After Apple Refuses to Help

On December 6th, 2019, Mohammed Alshamrani, a 21 year old lieutenant in the Saudi Air Force, shot and killed 3 American soldiers, and injured 8 more. Yesterday, the FBI looked into Alshamrani’s iPhone, and confirmed that he was working for Al-Qaeda the whole time.

They found that Alshamrani had been radicalized by 2015, before he even entered. They also found that on September 11, 2019, the anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001, he had posted on social media: “The countdown has begun.” Moreover, in the month before the shooting on Thanksgiving weekend in November 2019, the shooter had ominously visited the 9/11 memorial in New York City. His anti-American posts continued all the way until 2 hours before his attack, according to AG William Barr.

Also, the shooter was able to enter America due a foreign training program. The NAS in Pensacola has a program called the Naval Education and Training Security Assistance Field Activity’s International Training Center, which is a foreign work program of sorts which was “established in 1988 to meet the aviation-specific training needs of international officers and enlisted students from allied nations.” What an ally we helped in this instance!

Notably, when trying to find this information, Apple denied the FBI access into Alshamrani’s phone, forcing them to bypass its encryption instead.

With all the facts on exactly what happened out of the way, what will the American people think about these developments? What happened on December 6th and the FBI’s recent findings yesterday both have some deeper political trends behind them.

Firstly, the fact that we let a terrorist sympathizer into a Navy Air Station should worry any citizen. The program that he used to enter our country was made to serve the interests of other countries by educating their sailors and pilots. Is it a sign that America has gone too far to please her “allies” when we import their soldiers who go around and kill ours? If we put America first, we would save the resources used on foreign soldiers for our own, among many other changes in the military strategically. The fact that we are instead preoccupied with training foreign soldiers and nation-building across the globe, both of which aided and motivated the shooter and many other jihadists (Bin Laden hated America because we are Christian and support Israel in the Middle East) shows that the welfare of the American people was not at the top of the minds of the founders of the 1988-founded foreign training program, and many other military officials for that matter. There are many such cases of American initiatives that seem counterintuitive to America’s interests that lie behind only some research. In general, it boggles the mind why the world’s superpower neglects it’s own people with the most powerful military in the world.

Besides the military, there is the question of Apple’s refusal to help. Their response to the criticism over their decision was this:

“As a proud American company, we consider supporting law enforcement’s important work our responsibility. The false claims made about our company are an excuse to weaken encryption and other security measures that protect millions of users and our national security.

We sell the same iPhone everywhere, we don’t store customers’ passcodes and we don’t have the capacity to unlock passcode-protected devices. In data centers, we deploy strong hardware and software security protections to keep information safe and to ensure there are no backdoors into our systems. All of these practices apply equally to our operations in every country in the world.”

Okay, so that is their corporate policy, and they were following it, and besides their Machiavellian deflection about “false claims,” that is their justification. But one should realize that they began their statement with “As a proud American company.” Are they as patriotic as they claim? If they are a proud American company, why do they import foreigners on work visas to avoid hiring Americans and undercut their wages? Moreover, why do they move their factories overseas and exploit near-slave labor just to maximize profits and keep American citizens from getting work? Why do they abide by Chinese censorship demands in order to access the Chinese market, when Americans are explicitly protected by free speech and thus it has become part of their culture? More damningly, why does Apple, who purports to be pro-America, censor, silence, and blacklist every American nationalist and patriot that dares take foot on their platforms such as the App Store? Alex Jones is a proud American, too, so surely they would find common ground with his Infowars app. Instead, now no Apple user can download it without jailbreaking their phone. Apple CEO Tim Cook, soon after joining every other major corporation to ban Alex Jones, proclaimed at an ADL conference, receiving the “Courage Against Hate” award next to the smugly approving Jonathan Greenblatt, “You have no place on our platforms!” It’s not very pro-American of Apple to reject free speech.

All of these listed injustices lead up to this particular case, where instead of helping American authorities investigate the motives of a terrorist that killed American soldiers, they stubbornly stuck to their specific corporate policy, despite it going directly against the American national interest. If you loved your country, who cares what your policy says? There is no excuse for purposefully making it a hassle to investigate Al Qaeda operatives. Perhaps, combatting “Islamophobia” is higher on Apple’s priority list…

With self-defeating military programs and tyrannical and postmodern corporations, the decay that plaques our nation is deeper and more widespread than most realize.

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