Memorial Day Special: Bring Our Troops Home

Today is Memorial Day, where we celebrate our troops who are serving and have served. On a day like this, everybody should take time to thank these people what they go through to provide us a national defense.

At the same time, we should be our soldier’s greatest advocates. We want them to fight only in wars that are necessary. We don’t want our military to be abused, and if they were, as Americans we should figuratively hold our officials’ feet to the fire to explain it. That is the mandate we have to demand answers as to why we’ve been fighting in the Middle East for the past twenty years. Were our freedoms being protected when Saddam Hussein was toppled from power all the way over on the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers? How about when Muammar Gaddafi was murdered in Libya, along the coast of the Mediterranean? If not, why were our armed forces utilized in these conflicts among many others?

Make no mistake, these aren’t simply just questions. Our military has been pointed towards ends that are counter-productive, and most of the time explicitly in the interest of other countries instead of our own. When Saddam fell, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states, and Israel rejoiced. Just a year prior, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu came to our Congress to explain why toppling Iraq would have “enourmous positive reverberations in the region.” For him, having another competitor for power removed in the Middle East was very positive, but for the American troops that personally did the act, the experience was anything but delightful. This is obvious now that we still have troops in Iraq in 2020, but try telling the troops after Saddam’s fall in April 2003 that years after the incident, they would still be mired in the same place. For example, one of the largest battles of the entire Iraq conflict, the Battle of Fallujah, wasn’t even fought against Saddam loyalists, but rather a mosaic of Islamic militants. If Iraq was always going to be home to people that were more than willing to kill American soldiers, what was the point?

These are single instances from the time of the Iraq War of our country parasitically being taken advantage of. Today, it is no different. For example, Israel and Saudi Arabia are huge advocates of American interventionism abroad. Every time the President mulls pulling his troops out of Iraq, Syria, or other countries, an outcry is performed. “We must protect Israel!” or “Iran, the #1 exporter of terrorism, needs to be defended against!” In Israel’s case, this is ridiculous. Israel has nuclear weapons, unlike any other country in the Middle East. In fact, if they were to be conquered, according to their Sampson Option, the entire Middle East would be nuked. Israel has the most technologically advanced military In the region, equipped with devices which destroy rockets and grenades mid-air, and tanks that can rival the M1 Abrams of the United States. On top of that, we send them 3.8 billion dollars annually in military aid, of which we forgive all debt and interest on. Needless to say, they don’t need our help.

It’s very rich what we hear about Iran’s terrorism, as well. While Iran certainly isn’t our friend, chanting “Death to America!” on the daily, the fact of the matter is that the Saudis have been far worse than the Iranians have been. Let’s not forget that the majority of the architects of the 9/11 attacks were Saudi nationals, including Osama bin Laden himself. Let me know when a second 9/11 happens with Shia terrorists instead of Sunni ones, because it looks very unlikely. Instead, when the terrorism of Iran is mentioned, what is usually being talked about are groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis in Yemen, and other groups that conduct organized military operations in the Middle East. These groups hardly ever pose a threat to the United States, but do to other countries. If this is the case, why are American lives and money spent in order to keep them at bay? It really isn’t our problem.

The answer is that we’re being taken advantage of, and distracted from the real areas in need of military deployment. While Iran should be prevented from getting nuclear weapons, and American influence should be projected abroad to a certain extent, the real war awaits on the homefront.

While we have been occupied occupying countries across the world, hundreds of thousands and even millions of foreign nationals have been illegally breaking into our country via our southern border, many of whom go on to commit crimes against the American people, if not just be drains on our social safety net. If hundreds of thousands of Iranians in uniform came into our country without asking, it would be a massive military operation with the response of a major war. How does the hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants being Mexican and Central American change anything?

Imagine if California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas almost spoke majority Iranian. There would be an outcry to reclaim our country from the invaders, people who do not share any customs or traditions at all with us, and often times hate us. Now, replace those Iranians with Latinos as it is today, and everyone is silent.

With the way our laws are, forcing out those who are here legally is near impossible, but for the million who are here illegally, the United States is well within their rights to do so. Not only that, but we are also well within our rights to shut the southern border down in it’s entirety, ending the invasion from where it has originated. What better force to do this than the military? For the longest time, Mexico has encouraged millions upon millions to violate American law, knowingly placing the burden on their neighbor. What better way to respond than to place the U.S. Army on their border? That should shut them up.

It is ways like this that our troops would be under a much better directive. If I were a Marine at the southern border, I would know that I am actually defending my country. Instead, Marines and many others are overseas in the desert, wondering why they are really there. Their commanders give orders to leave every vehicle on idle to expend more fuel, to justify larger and larger military budgets to fund the cumbersomeness of fighting halfway across the world. (These documents exist behind a Google search)

I know people going into the U.S. Army, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard. They are all proud Americans who would happily protect their country, once and for all. The United States is the world’s superpower, with the most powerful military in the world. It’s about time that America employs them to finally take care of herself.

On this Memorial Day, pray for all the soldiers that are serving for us, regardless of what conflict they are in. It’s not their fault, they follow orders. But most of all, know that civilians and soldiers alike agree that the new military front should be at home, where they are needed most. Have a blessed Memorial Day.

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