Race Riots ERUPT in Minneapolis as Video Footage of Brutal Arrest Goes Viral

Once again, society and the Internet are having an outcry. This time around, the details are vastly different, but many of the underlying themes remain the same. Therefore, on this Thursday, we’re going to gather the information that we can about George Floyd’s case, talk about those underlying themes, and recap the riots and misinformation that have broken out in Minneapolis and the Internet as a response.

On Monday, May 25, police in Minneapolis were responding to reports of a forgery and came across a car of 3 parked on the street. According to surveillance footage showing the events leading up to the video of Floyd on the ground, initially two were pulled out of the car, one from the passenger seat, and one from the back. There was no confrontation at this point, as the two were told to stand in front of what appeared to be some kind of store along the sidewalk. When they approached Floyd in the driver’s seat, he was visibly distressed, but didn’t resist. Instead, he was led to the storeside where he was visibly crying, and although it is unclear why, according to reports, he was under the influence and was at the wheel. Later on in the surveillance footage, Floyd was led onto another street in the background by the police, where he fell behind the cruiser there, out of sight.

The rest of the story was picked up by an onlooker at the scene. Three police officers surrounded one other, whose knee was on George Floyd’s neck as he uttered things like “I can’t breathe!” and “Please, let me just stand man!” The officer kept his knee in place until Floyd went limp. Normally, when someone is choked out, they first go unconscious. This isn’t what happened here, as in the ambulance, he showed no pulse, and was pronounced dead at the hospital. Because of this, it isn’t yet known if Floyd died precisely because of the cop’s actions, or if a pre-existing medical condition caused his demise. Regardless, the onlooker posted the video online, and sparked the reaction we saw last night and today.

Now, I of course am not enlightened about police protocol. I have no clue how exactly police officers are supposed to conduct arrests in different situations, but the knee-on-neck maneuver seen in the video probably would not have been carried out if it was not a trained move taught to the policeman at his police academy. At the same time, however, Floyd’s lack of resistance clearly did not warrant the usage of it. Floyd’s death, as we can see with the evidence given to us, was vastly different than the death of Ahmaud Arbery’s, but yet we see a similar reaction. Arbery charged a man holding a shotgun and got shot for it, and Floyd was needlessly suffocated, either killing him or hastening his death. Despite this, people are in the streets all the same. After the outrage over Arbery’s death, the flame of which was fanned by the media, armed militants from the Black Panthers, a black nationalist group, showed up in the streets outside the McMichaels’ home. Now, in response to Floyd’s death, Minneapolis is burning.

Attacks on individuals happened too, including this one, where an older white woman with a disability was peacefully protesting the looting of a Target store by sitting in the doorway in front of the mob with her wheelchair. She was senselessly beaten and sprayed with fire extinguisher, among other things. Despite her being defenseless, it seems like she became a racially motivated target for the looters to relieve their anger on.

It is entirely possible and normal to say that Floyd’s death was egregious and unjustified, and at the same time say that you don’t like it when there are racist attacks and the burning of American streets and stores in response. I’ll come right out and say it: I hate it when my country is disorganized, disunited, and under disarray. We have too many problems at home and abroad to tackle right now, and yet my fellow Americans, both black and white, are rioting in the streets against their law enforcement, and implicitly, against whiteness as a whole. To put it simply, it hurts to see Minneapolis resemble a third-world city in the midst of a civil war. As a nationalist and a conservative, what we value over most of everything else is law and order. Now, we have absolute chaos.

But how did this reaction begin? Did everyone see the video of George Floyd’s death and collectively decide that they were angry about it, with no incitement at all from mass media and corporations, with headlines and buzzwords like “unarmed black man,” “white cop,” and “systemic racism,” along with edited clips of the incident and takes from activist celebrities and news personalities bashing our racist country and celebrating or downplaying the truth about the riots? That is a rhetorical question. Over the past few weeks, since the Arbery shooting, the media has been on a rampage of inciting racial hatred and violence.

At first, obviously we had the Arbery case, which was flawed from the start. As more evidence came out about Arbery’s past crimes, like video footage of him being confronted about stealing a TV from a store, the media became quieter and quieter. They milked the case for as long as they could, feigned the outrage, and moved on when it was no longer advantageous. After all of that, the media, as it turns out, incited the killing of a an old white couple, aged 85 and 86, who were visiting the grave of their son at a veterans’ cemetery. Out of his car walked a 29 year old black male, wearing all black and a facemask to boot, with a scoped rifle. He assassinated the elderly couple, and fled to the woods where he died in a shootout with the police. The media had no comment on that one, a double homicide. Next up was 20-year-old Jaydon Hayden, a boxer, who filmed himself savagely beating a 75-year old defenseless old man. There was a video of him talking about how the black race was “the chosen race,” alluding to the well-evidenced theory that the attack was racist in nature. Some conservatives like Tucker Carlson and the President himself rightfully expressed concern over it, but the mainstream media went on like nothing happened. “No time for questions, full speed ahead!” seemed to be their gameplan. Here is the video, you can decide for yourself whether it was worth national attention or not like these other cases have been. Feel free to ignore the QAnon hashtags.

Then we get to where we are today. From the Arbery case to now, two cases of high-profile white-on-black violence have occurred. Both times, the media has been on a war path, showcasing the videos to everyone with a screen and functioning eyeballs. In contrast, the two high-profile cases of black-on-white violence that occurred went unnoticed by 90% of the population. The media told no one about it, and so no one learned. Is it rocket science to say that there’s a pattern here? That maybe the media is inciting racial hatred against white people? Selective reporting like this, which has gone on for years, covering many other cases, cannot be a coincidence. Instead, it is a targeted and coordinated information war which is racist in nature. The media’s reporting of these cases, plus the narrative of white privilege being spread in schools and universities, plus the definition of racism being changed to “prejudice plus power,” thus making it impossible to be technically racist against white people, are all targeted against the same demographic, which is the historical American nation.

Here is the nail in the coffin about the relation between race and crime. Some people are convinced by different things. Most are convinced by having their heart strings pulled by videos and pictures, such as the outrage mobs from the Arbery and Floyd cases, and others are convinced by the reality of this world and the statistics that reinforce them. Don’t take it from me, take it from the Bureau of Justice Statistics:

Is this what people are rioting over? Doing the math, black-on-white crime was almost five times more likely to happen than white-on-black crime, at least in 2018. The numbers probably haven’t changed meaningfully in only 2 years. If whites attacked blacks as much as blacks attacked whites, a race war would have started a long time ago, with how much the media would have incited anti-white racism over it. Instead, white-on-black crime is miniscule, and we still have people in the streets over it. With an understanding of numbers and proportionality, you can understand the scale of the media’s efforts to fracture our country over such a small phenomenon.

Make no mistake, George Floyd’s death was unjustified, and the police officer in the video should be put on trial. However, let’s not forget that every single time a case like this occurs, the outrage mob is manifested by the 5 corporations that control 90% of all media. When you cry and yell at the footage being shown to you by the powerful, you are playing right into their hands. And when you riot in the streets because of it, you make them smile.

As I have touched upon again and again, there is a culture war going on in our country, and one side is going to use every weapon and tragedy possible to further their end goal. Many of the protesters in Minneapolis and online insisted that it wasn’t because a white man killed a black man, but it was because a person in power killed someone who was helpless. Firstly, that exact thing is now happening as a response, but more importantly: When you make up a justification in your head to join the rioters and mobs, you are helping the culture warriors and deconstructionists behind the outrage on the left take control of America, even if you do not realize it. For example, if you believed America was racist and wanted it destroyed, would you be upset if useful idiots indirectly supported your cause? These people are Machiavellian, as we have seen, so of course not.

Instead, you must refuse the urge to go with what is popular, and stick to your guns. Stand up and say no, it is not okay to burn and loot stores, attack police officers, and attack innocent people who want order just as much as you do. This is America! We are a first-world nation. The hegemon of the world. What the hell are we doing? China and Russia laugh at us because they know we are a fractured nation that will collapse once a real calamity occurs. For example, the Soviet Union used to take advantage of and incite race riots during the Cold War. Now, China calls us racist for opposing them on the global stage, and many in America watch the news and agree. The events of the previous weeks show that the foundation of America is crumbling, and powerful forces both domestic and abroad are profiting from it. As Americans, we must oppose these trends at any cost. Our future depends on it.

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