The Burning of America Continues as Surprising Developments Arise About George Floyd

Since we covered the subject two days ago, the burning of Minneapolis has spread nationwide, threatening even the CNN Headquarters and the White House among other places. A lot has happened over these past few days, and as such a lot has gone unnoticed as well. Because of this, Casual Saturday is postponed, and instead we will be going over how the virus of these riots is metastasizing across our nation, and covering the revealing autopsy report of George Floyd.

A great summary, along with some relevant commentary, can be found in this segment of Tucker Carlson’s show, up until 10:35.

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Criminal mobs destroy businesses and neighborhoods.

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We are supposed to live in the strongest country in the world, one with law and order and power. A first world country. The global hegemon, as driven home numerous times before. How could conditions get this bad this quickly? And why is nothing being done to quell these insurrections? Such a responsibility falls upon our leaders, and as it turns out, they have no interest in actually keeping law-abiding citizens safe. After all, we are simply expendable resources, relics of the old, dying America that is decried as racist and evil. What happens to us doesn’t matter, which is why as Tucker mentioned in his monologue, we pay taxes, use specific and inconvenient permits for mundane tasks, remain clean, and police what we say and do for fear of public reprisal, while others can go out into the street and burn and loot Targets, liquor shops, Apple stores, jewelry stores, police stations, and city and state government buildings without any consequences.

Even worse yet, across the nation, high-profile locations have gone on lockdown for their own safety, including the CNN headquarters and the White House itself. That is no joke, the White House has been under lockdown with the protection of Secret Service agents outside as rioters have collected outside the White House lawn gates. Looking at the chaos, it’s clear that one half of this country is forced to abide by the rules, while the other is let loose in a free-for-all. Take it from a scoop from within the White House, also touched upon by Tucker, which explains why the National Guard has only been reluctantly sent in now as opposed to much earlier.

Let’s be clear: This isn’t Trump himself being weak on crime. In 2016, Trump campaigned largely on law and order, whether it was applied to immigration or crime in general. In fact, Republican orthodoxy for the longest time has been to be tough on crime, at least until Donald Trump’s White House became infected with cosmopolitan globalists like Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. Now, no one in the government is standing up for the American people. The Democrats have always been lax on crime, and now most Republicans are too, and if any conservatives speak up about what is happening, they are isolated and planned against behind closed doors. It’s been four nights, and only now are forces being sent in. It’s too late, however; the damage is done. The riots won’t be dispersed, but rather they will go home on their own volition satisfied with the destruction in their wake, with no worry of being held accountable. After all, our leaders don’t want to hold them accountable.

It remains to be seen what will happen in the next few days, but there is still more to cover. While the riots have been somewhat disconnected from their original purpose, the genesis of it all has been the George Floyd case. The official story has been that a cop ruthlessly murdered him with his knee, and was caught on camera doing it. Now, before I go any further, don’t mistakenly believe that I am excusing Derek Chauvin’s actions. With that said, I questioned why Floyd died immediately last article. When people are suffocated, they usually at first pass out. Those factors went largely ignored, but now we have solid evidence from a professional that Chauvin did not directly cause Floyd’s death. Here is the autopsy report, in length:

“The autopsy revealed no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation. Mr. Floyd had underlying health conditions including coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart disease. The combined effects of Mr. Floyd being restrained by the police, his underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicants in his system likely contributed to his death.”

As it appears, George Floyd died of a heart attack, and his death was hastened by his drunkenness and the cop’s force. While this doesn’t excuse Derek Chauvin of his wrongdoing, it means that he is not guilty of murder. It turns out that American cities have been burning from sea to shining sea all because one man had a heart attack and it looked like he was suffocated. Is this how far we’ve fallen?

It’s clear that the mob won’t care about this inconvenient change in detail, but let it be a sticking point for us to measure how far the riots have strayed from their original purpose. What we have isn’t thousands of concerned citizens voicing their grievances, what we have is thousands of people who have been waiting for the first excuse possible to loot and pillage. America is under attack, from both abroad and at home, and our leaders have no interest in protecting us from these threats. Their end plan ranks higher on their wishlist than the safety and welfare of their citizens, so they must let the crime continue.

As American nationalists, we have been vindicated. Everything we have said these past few years has been proven right again and again. Crime is rampant. Nothing is being done about it, and in fact it is often encouraged. The immigration floodgates have been still mostly open, exacerbating our crisis. The values in our country that have traditionally reduced crime, such as religiosity, patriotism, and order have all been trampled upon and left mangled.

Our country is being run by people who hate it, and unless we retake the reins of power, this is all going to get worse before it gets better.

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