Despite Being Backed By Globalist Power Structures, BLM Activists Claim Oppression

The opinions that wannabe Instragram activists and uninformed feed-scrollers are espouting currently align exactly with commentary from official Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook statements. Clearly, all of this newfound activism does not challenge the status quo, is not revolutionary in any way whatsoever, and in fact actually serves the opposite purpose. Thus, after a short break from last Saturday, we’re going to take a look at the aftermath of the Internet’s latest trend: the dreaded black-square posts, and their alignment with the most powerful forces in the world.

To start, here is a comprehensive list of America’s and the world’s largest corporations that have endorsed Blackout Tuesday and the BLM movement as a whole. Warning: it’s very long.

The list goes on yet, but it would be too cumbersome to post all of the endorsements from yesterday. Regardless, the point is made, which is that BLM is the furthest thing from a dissident movement. Speaking truth to power involves having no backing from institutions, media, and corporations, and yet BLM enjoys all three. That’s a far cry from what conservatives and nationalists have to deal with, which is a hostile media, governmental agencies filled with ideological enemies, and corporations which deny them service and blacklist them. With these circumstances, who is really speaking truth to power? The activists in the street, who regularly break the law and get away with it, and have their actions apologized for, or the dissident right, who would have been locked away for a long time had they had done anything close to what happened in America’s largest population centers over the past week?

In other words, had “racist alt-righters” burned and looted Targets, Apple stores, Louis Vitton stores, liquor stores, and jewelry stores, we would have seen nationwide lectures on how racism is very much alive and that white men are clearly evil and dangerous. There would be new laws clamping down on “white supremacy” and gun rights, and dissident right voices would get massacred off of online platforms. That is what happened to an extent after the Charlottesville rally in 2017, where no businesses were destroyed, and the only death or injury at all was counterprotester Heather Heyer, who died partially on accident due to James Fields’ poor driving and partially due to her pre-existing conditions. Now, when many, many people are hurt and injured, when businesses and other buildings are robbed and burned, when the National Guard and the military are needed to quell the riots, we hear that the reason for what’s happening in the streets is entirely justified, and we hear the same mantras about “institutional racism” and “white supremacy.” Clearly, one side is forced to play by the rules, and the other is not.

Ponder this as you post political takes that the average Instagram user will have to see hundreds of times as they try to see normal content. You aren’t unique, you aren’t a dissident, and you aren’t special. You are a controlled chess piece in the greater game of the culture war, a tool of globalist forces bent on discrediting and collapsing America for their ideology and profit. Many claim not to be brainwashed, but in fact they are very much so, and yesterday showed that.

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