Abolishing the Police?

It used to be Abolish ICE. That in itself was absurd for its own list of reasons, but now the pressure has been turned up even more so. In the wake of everything we have seen the past week and a half, there has been a growing movement to defund the police. That is, to leave everybody under no law enforcement whatsoever, or to replace it with an ideological secret police. On this Tuesday, we’re going to take a look at what the demands of this movement are, the progress they have made already, and what the motives could be for such an insane proposal.

How could one case of unnecessary force by one police officer justify disbanding an entire police department? That is something you would have to ask the city council of Minneapolis. From Variety.com:

A “new model of public safety?” Will it be defined what that is? The reason we hear that “all cops are bastards” and the reason given for defunding the police is usually along the lines of the accusation that they willingly uphold the rules of an unjust system. We can assume then that if the radical activists replace the police with something else in their image, it won’t be upholding the rules of what they call an unjust system. In regular-people-speak, that means that it will be decidedly anti-racist, revolutionary, progressive, or whatever buzzword best fits the definition. Instead of going after criminals like how police should be doing, this new unit will more likely go after those who talk about the sources of the crime. When viewing it with these lens, it suddenly makes sense: Of course they know that disbanding the police will lead to more crime. It turns out that the activists don’t really care, because they have a new order in mind to follow in the police’s footsteps to enforce their vision on this land. Their demands don’t need to make sense, they just need to happen.

There is historical precedent for this: Following the October Revolution in 1917, the Russian police was disbanded and replaced with the Cheka, Vladimir Lenin’s secret police that enforced the law along Marxist lines. It followed Lenin’s Ten April Theses, which was a speech he gave in Petrograd (Now St. Petersburg) upon his return from exile in Switzerland. The fifth called for “the abolition of the police, the army, and the bureaucracy.” As well as the police being replaced by the Cheka, after October 1917 the Russian army was replaced with the Red Army, which went on to almost invade all of Europe, and the bureaucracy was replaced with Soviet power structures like the Politburo.

While the specifics in 2020 America are going to be different than 1917 Russia, the similarity is that there are Marxist elements behind the unrest both now and then, and in both instances power structures are being demanded to be taken down.

What will be next? Going from abolishing just ICE to now the police in general takes a jump, and there is no evidence pointing to that jump not happening again. The next target seems like it could be the military, like in Russia. Far-left types have always had a grievance with the military, who they feel have oppressed the non-white world in places like Latin America and the Middle East in the past. And while people on the right often oppose many of America’s foreign wars as well, it comes out of a desire to fulfill America’s strategic interests, not a hatred of any military action at all. To the far-left, it’s the latter. However, it remains to be seen whether this will actually take fruition or not, but stay wary.

Taking a look at this front in particular, and then at the entire battlefield of the culture war, it seems every day that America descends further and further into clown-world. In 20-30 years, expect almost every old power structure to be dismantled, every historical American figure to be denounced as racist and evil, and for your children to be fully assimilated into this new society if you fail to insulate them from public schooling and our societal degeneracy. Many of us, perhaps including you the reader, feel extremely alienated from the modern world. Despite this, if you aren’t on board with the racial masochism and the constant denouncement and subversion, you aren’t alone, alone as you may feel. The silent majority stands with you even as things get worse, because they are disenfranchised, and can’t do anything about what is happening to their country. Rest assured that others feel your pain, but prepare yourself for the worst in the future. It’s all going to get worse before it gets better.

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