The Time for Debate is Over

A statue of Albert Pike lit ablaze in Washington D.C.

Surely, those who burn our history, beat us in the streets, and corrupt our youth are just looking for an honest debate on the issues. They just want to express themselves in the marketplace of ideas! They may disagree with what you’re saying, but they’re going to fight to the death for your right to say it! After all, they want the best for America, just like you do, right?

Abandon this way of thinking at once. The other side already did a long time ago.

Historically, the left in America was at most only moderate on social issues, while providing meaningful pushback on economic issues such as free-market absolutism and big corporations. For the longest time, the American left was landmarked by names like John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton. They won their presidencies not by alienating the working class, but instead embracing them. Now, those days are long gone. Today, the Left distinguishes itself by opposing “systemic racism,” and exists to “dismantle white supremacy.” Suspiciously, at around the same time, the critiques coming from the left towards corporate policies that harm the American worker ceased. Wage-dropping, job-stealing work visas and town-hollowing free trade practices were no longer important, as now the very same workers and towns that the Left would have defended 30 years ago are beaten down on as irredeemably racist. Let’s not forget what Hillary Clinton said about Donald Trump’s supporters in 2016; that over half of them were deplorables. These were for the most part working-class whites that many of which had voted Democrat for years in the hopes that they would be stood up for in Washington. Donald Trump refused to throw them under the bus, which won him Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, among other states, thus winning him the presidency. Minnesota and New Hampshire were nearly won too, and Trump performed better in those states than any traditional Republican had in a long time.

Hillary’s actions served as a peek into the dark future that the left holds for America. In their ideal world, white, Christian voters in flyover states would have such little political influence that it would not be worth it electorally to campaign for them. That was why Hillary Clinton was notoriously beaten out by the Donald on the campaign trail in the weeks leading up to election night. She didn’t think she needed to win their vote, as they were going to become irrelevant via demographic change anyways. She still lost in 2016 because the Democrats’ vision for America hadn’t arrived yet, but it will soon.

Regardless, at the time, the traditional American nation was still alive and kicking after 8 years of the Obama administration. Since then, the efforts have been ramped up to further the disenfranchisement of Americans ten-fold. Trump supporters aren’t hunted down in the streets so that they can be argued with over tax policy or whether the wage gap exists; they’re hunted down and beaten in the streets because of their race and their religion. When we send our children to public school to learn English, mathematics, science, and history, what happens instead is that they are preyed upon by Marxist teacher’s unions and federal curriculum with radical propaganda that begins at an early age… take it from someone who has been educated under Common Core and CollegeBoard courses and exams.

The madness continues. While Christians have been forced to shutter down their churches, small business owners directed to end their supply of income, and citizens denied administrative services that are necessary for public life such as doctor’s appointments and license tests, those who side with the deconstructionists on the left have been given full reign to do as they please in the streets, free of both the law and the Coronavirus. Wouldn’t it have been great to know in March that in order to obtain immunity from COVID-19, all one had to do was join Black Lives Matter? There is a pandemic for one side of America, but not the other. Perhaps not coincidentally, both the fears of COVID-19 and getting beaten up by Black Lives Matter rioters caused Donald Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma to have an abysmal turnout of 6,200 people. The left has perfected the art of voter suppression, and just in time for the general election.

And what happens to those who speak up about all of this? For those who post on social media, far too often, not only will they find their posts taken down for violating obscure “community guidelines,” but they might also find their entire account removed as well for the same reason. Content that violates the rules between the major social media companies has been stretched to include everything from anything that crosses WHO orthodoxy on the coronavirus, to speaking the truth about crime and mass immigration, to misgendering the now-empowered transgender class. Even Donald Trump had a tweet of his regarding mail-in-voting personally corrected by Twitter to include a disclaimer stating that there is nothing at all wrong with mail-in-voting, and that it does not lead to voter fraud. Is Twitter hiding something? At the very least, we can know for sure their political leanings, as just like so many other companies, Twitter has publicly voiced support for Black Lives Matter.

This all points towards a conclusion. When you are mercilessly beaten in the streets, when your children are turned against you, when your lifestyle is sidelined for a manufactured pandemic that only applies to part of the population, and the part that isn’t quarantined is calling for your death, all the while being backed by almost every major institution in America, many of which shut you up if you complain about it, you are experiencing conquest.

To destroy America, the American people must be destroyed, as a nation consists of the people that form it. When you are called racist, sexist, or a white supremacist, the other person isn’t trying to prove you wrong, they are trying to ELIMINATE you. When you lose your job because you or someone in your family violated the rules for society that they created, they don’t feel remorse. In their mind, you deserve it all, even if you end up homeless and starve to death. Why do you think we aren’t protected in the streets from criminal mobs? It’s because our leaders don’t care what happens to those who they deem deplorables. They will destroy your town with free trade and replace it’s inhabitants with mass immigration, and then kick you while you’re down as you hopelessly protest it all with witty quips to “own the libs.” As I said in the past, the gameplan for them is: no time for questions, full speed ahead. They want power, and they want it now.

To defeat a force bent on winning, victory must be the number one objective. “Principled” conservatism has failed us. John McCain was famously asked by his supporters in the 2008 presidential election about their distrust of Barack Obama. Many told him personally that they were afraid of what would happen to America if he became president. How did he respond? As their candidate, did he acknowledge their concerns? Maybe tell them to vote for him to avoid the outcome they feared? No. Instead, he immediately rushed to Obama’s defense, praising him as a strong family man who he trusted to lead the country. McCain wanted to be above it all, to hold a moral high ground that no one else cared about.

In 2008, Obama crushed him 365-173 in the Electoral College. It seems that McCain’s groveling and caving proved to be ineffectual with voters. That same type of neoconservatism arose again in 2012 with Mitt Romney, who was also soundly defeated. Clearly, Barack Obama was in it to win it.

If the right ever wants to hold the reigns of government again once Donald Trump is out of office, they need to perform the same power grab that the left has hijacked America with. Over decades, the left sent their infiltrators through America’s institutions, which is why advertising is so blatantly biased and why HR departments enforce leftist dogmas instead of normal rules. The left will videotape Trump supporters at peaceful rallies and public events and release their information online, dooming them with their subverted employers and universities. Perhaps we conservatives should be no longer “above” videotaping Antifa members’ faces and letting the internet know that they’re part of a terrorist group? Or how about any radical leftist group, for that matter? Just as we are afraid to voice our opinions in public, they should be the same. They decided long ago that they were no longer interested in our concerns, so let’s not be interested in theirs. They will reap what they sowed.

On the front of social media, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act grants legal immunity from prosecution to the major tech companies if someone posts criminal content, under the guise of them being a neutral platform and thus not responsible for what’s on their website. What we see now, however, are not the actions of a neutral platform. When tech companies censor and edit viewpoints that they disagree with, they become a publisher. This way, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, and Google should face legal hellfire for every type of obscene post found on their services until they decide to either allow free speech or admit that they are fundamentally leftist. Similarly, the tech monopolies have co-operated together in an anti-competitive fashion plenty of times in the past, most notably when almost every single major tech company in existence banned Infowars’ Alex Jones within the same week, and some within the same day. To collaborate in such a manner is blatant market manipulation. Now, it’s time the tech monopolies go the way of John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil. A new trust-busting Teddy Roosevelt must rise up, whether it be Donald Trump or not.

The White House and some Republicans have woken up to this way of thinking, but to the pathetic establishment that slavishly defends the tech monopolies as “Private companies!!! You can’t touch them, now let them do what they want!” know this: Private companies or not, they are doing everything to shut us down, and by not reacting the same way, you are allowing them to do so. Eventually, the bought-and-paid-for Republicans that defend Google will be voted out of office because their voters will be brainwashed against them online via search results. Instead of allowing this to happen, the tech monopolies need to crushed by anti-trust laws and the revocation of Section 230 protection.

Finally, on immigration: the left isn’t trying to be “nice” when they advocate for mass immigration, they are trying to flood your country with their voters until you are permanently outnumbered. When conservatives rail against illegal immigration but ignore legal immigration, they are allowing their own permanent demise because it doesn’t break the law. That’s being too kind to a party that seeks their destruction. Instead, the GOP needs a total and complete immigration moratorium to save themselves and to cut off the left’s flow of new annual voters. There is no time to explain why you’re actually not racist, or how temporary the ban will be as this is done. Instead of buying into a discussion that is meant to turn against you and will be had in bad faith, pursue power.

The age of good-faith, common ground-seeking, academic discussions is long gone. We are now in a cultural war, with no rules of engagement. Instead of coming to an agreement, there will be only one side left standing at the end of it all, and the right must fight for their life to make themselves the victors. In a two-sided war in which one side wants to end America as we know it, the other side must stand up for their nation and their people. Republicans and conservatives need to perform a counteroffensive in the battlefield we find ourselves in, as the American people need their protection more than ever.

The time for games is over.

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