Strategy: Never Bend the Knee

This will be one of a number of posts in the Strategy series, detailing strategic methods of engaging in politics.

In the past few weeks, many of us have been tested, and many more of us will be. The mob grows louder and louder and more numerous, and the officials that we elected to keep them at bay have capitulated entirely. The messages being pushed align further and further away from the interests of the silent majority, disenfranchising and slandering them with the blanket-sweeping disqualification of racism. We simultaneously hear that so-called racism must be eradicated from the face of the earth, including using violence if necessary, and then entire groups of people are labelled as racist… the end result of that scenario looks very, very ugly.

To put it simply, now is not a good time to be white, male, Christian, middle class, or any combination of those 4 characteristics. Economically, culturally, and socially, this group which consists of much of America is under siege. No one is taking their side. If you find yourself falling under those 4 categories, chances are you stand alone. With the left on full throttle towards ending the United States, and the right abandoning the mandate given to them by the American people to protect it, at times it may seem like the best option is to give in, to admit your non-existent guilt, to join in on the sloganeering and virtue signaling, and to sell out your ancestors. Anything to get the mob off your back, you may think.

You might notice, however, that many of those who have been attacked in the streets have been outspoken “allies” of the cause in one way or another. Wendy’s recently donated $500,000 to Black Lives Matter, and yet after the justified police shooting of the taser-armed Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta, Georgia, the Atlanta Wendy’s franchise where the incident happened burned to the ground. Take another example, this time of the man who was beat up in Dallas, Texas by a street mob there. After the rioters did the deed, he was seen motionless on the pavement on camera. This was one tweet among many of his like it:

C.A. Shoultz quite literally called for terrorism on white Americans, and he was still not spared from his fate. Clearly, the reward isn’t there for those who acquiesce. It’s either you get called racist and get beaten up, or you just get beaten up.

Is it clear yet what’s happening now? Here’s a tip to my viewers and anyone who may find themselves fighting the culture war in the near future: There’s no winning a rigged game, so don’t play it!

The left has set up the dynamic so that no matter the sad, pathetic groveling you may display to them, you will still feel their wrath just the same for your accused sins. The Twitter comments will still call for your name and address, and Antifa elements will answer them and ruin your life. The only way out of this is to stand your ground.

The founder of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, has recently come under fire for his political incorrectness. His response?

“I’m uncancellable!”

To be fair, in his situation he runs his own business, but with those words the fire pointed at him seems to have dissipated. In life, those who are up to no good seek those who are vulnerable. Often, when their victim puts up too much of a fight, they target someone else who won’t. For example, in dangerous streets, muggers will avoid a muscular young man that could be carrying a weapon in favor of women or the elderly. By looking assertive and confident in your posture, you can save yourself a lot of trouble. The same applies to politics.

We can see this in the Republicans who slip a bit too far right with their words just to apologize afterwards getting eaten alive. House Rep. Steve King of Iowa found this out the hard way when he questioned the New York Times on academia’s narrative about white supremacy. In response, they released his statements in bad faith and out of context, causing the weak Republican leadership to disavow Rep. King despite his apologies and strip him of all his committee roles in the House of Representatives. This year, the long-tenured and celebrated Congressman lost in his primary election to an establishment-backed candidate.

King committed 2 grave errors. One: Why the hell did he talk to the New York Times? Someone with his knowledge should have known that the NYT wanted nothing more than to slander him with his own words by offering him an interview. And second: He apologized, and accepted the fate handed to him by the GOP establishment. When he said, “White supremacist, white nationalist, Western civilization, how did that language become offensive? Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization?” What he was really expressing was his dismay with the fact that children in school used to learn positive things about our civilization, but now they learn about the evils of “white supremacy.” He worded it strangely, and he should have clarified what he meant and not backed down. And when his Senate-employed challenger received endorsements from Mitch McConnell and the GOPe, he should have threatened to run as a third-party candidate, surely sinking his primary opponent by sapping their votes in their contest against the Democrats’ candidate, who King only won by 3 points against last go around in 2018. It would have been the establishment’s move then.

That’s the mindset we need to have. Never apologize, think ahead, and play your cards right. With the truth on your side, all that matters afterwards is tactics. Steve King was right on the issues, but he failed in battle. When they come for you, never apologize, because that lets your attackers know that you will bend when confronted. When you become their target, use your capital to your advantage. Steve King won nine elections; he could have threatened to derail the Republicans a House seat with his name recognition all the way to his victory. In a way, that’s what Pat Buchanan did in 1992, by forcing George H.W. Bush to be more socially conservative in the general election with the threat of the Buchanan Brigade jumping aboard a third-party run. More recently, Bernie Sanders has forced Joe Biden to the left with the same tactic. If you run a business, be like Dave Portnoy, uncancellable. If you are an employee, realize that many employers are desperate for your labor, especially in times of strife like these. If your boss comes after you for your views, you may have hidden leverage. And finally, if you are dependent on the institutions entirely, leaving you at their mercy if you become targeted, remain hidden. They sent their ideologues through the institutions, and we will do the same.

More Strategy posts will be coming soon.

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