Exposing Black Lives Matter

America has seen Black Lives Matter become ascendant in it’s political popularity and capital. Most certainly, it has become the new political orthodoxy to follow in Washington and the rest of the country. Congressmen and senators in both parties bend the knee to their will in either gleeful agreement or fear of reprisal against themselves and their associates or families. Corporations have almost unilaterally endorsed BLM, reinforcing them with millions and millions of dollars in global capital. Many small businesses have been forced to comply, as well. The bipartisan power that Black Lives Matter wields resembles the Chinese Communist Party’s grip over China.

But what exactly is Black Lives Matter asking for? Some may feel compelled to answer with: “all they want is for us to recognize that black lives do in fact matter! Nothing else!” To those people: please stop deluding yourself. Black Lives Matter is a highly coordinated, well-financed, and extremely ambitious movement. If all they wanted was for society take a lyrical stance, then all of what they have done to our country would have been a massive waste of time and funds. Instead, they have policy positions, and some may not be what you would expect or what you have been told. That’s why it’s worth taking a look at what our arising overlords want. According to BLM’s “What We Believe” section on their website:

According to Black Lives Matter, all people who are cisgendered (read: people who don’t have gender dysphoria, a mental disorder) enjoy a mysterious privilege similar to white privilege. It appears that the fact that all of human society for almost all of history has been upheld by people who would have been considered “cisgendered” isn’t important to Black Lives Matter. Rather, what is important is the alleged genocide of black trans women occurring as we speak. An example of this supposed gender/ethnic cleansing was given by TIME.com on June 13th in an article titled: “Two Black Trans Women Were Killed in the U.S. in the Past Week as Trump Revokes Discrimination Protections for Trans People.” In it, the article described the cases of two people from the same week: Riah Milton of Ohio and Rem’Mie Fells of Pennsylvania. They made sure to repeat their names over and over, and to include a tweet from Elizabeth Warren urging the same.

Strangely, there has been a lack of media activism surrounding the deaths of those who are decidedly not transgendered, like the 82 shot in a single weekend in Chicago during the 2020 George Floyd riots from May 30-31. 19 were killed, and over half were shot in a single day, on Sunday, May 31. There have been countless weekends like this from Chicago that you may or may not have heard of, some even worse than May 30-31 of this year, but all vastly outranking the two people chosen by TIME as the martyrs of the struggle of black trans women. Does Black Lives Matter really believe in what they’re saying, despite what the numbers say?

In a Black Lives Matter world, “environments in which men are centered” are a no-go. Sorry, black men. No spaces for you.

The system of getting married and having children, and then raising them to get married and have their own children, therefore perpetuating society, constitutes “heteronormative thinking” according to Black Lives Matter. Despite a 2017 Gallup poll finding that 4.5% of Americans identify as LGBTQ, BLM wants to prioritize the 4.5%’s interest over the 95.5% of straight Americans’ interest. In a country that is 95.5% heterosexual, heteronormative thinking still violates BLM’s woke orthodoxy. Needless to say, the majority has no say in a BLM world.

We have already gone over plenty luncacy, but perhaps the most telling demand from BLM’s official website is this:

“We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure…”

Black Lives Matter will tell you that they just merely want the average citizen to recognize that black lives do in fact matter, that they want equal treatment for all, and that they want only the same as you have, nothing more, and then in the same breath pledge to “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure,” meaning YOUR family. To them, healthy, happy families that espouse values traditional to Western civilization are a threat. When we thrive, they writhe. Never forget that what they say and what they want are often two very different things, and one is commonly far, far more sinister than the other.

The nation-destabilizing calls for the end of the nuclear family go along with other radical positions masked as simple policy, such as socialized healthcare or public housing. These were among the six demands by the BLM umbrella group Movement for Black Lives from 2016. Leoaffairs.com mentioned another from their list, the “retroactive decriminalization and immediate release of all people convicted of drug offenses, sex work related offense and youth offenses.” Rhetoric like this seems deliberately pointed towards dismantling law and order, but here we are. Coincidentally, the actual link to the page named “A Vision for Black Lives: Policy Demands for Black Power” detailing all six policy proposals is no longer functional, instead rerouting users to an error 404 page. Perhaps this was in an effort to hide these statements from the public in preparation for BLM’s recent offensive on our society, but we may never know.

Look further than BlackLivesMatter.com and you will find individual activists that go even further than what you just read, but regardless, all of it should point towards the same conclusion: Black Lives Matter does not come in peace. They aren’t asking for reform, they aren’t advocating for civil disobedience, and they certainly don’t value equality. Their true intentions lie in revolution, racial violence, and the subjugation of white Americans. In their view, it is revenge, and revenge is justice. America is already on a ticking time bomb with it’s life; it cannot afford to capitulate to Black Lives Matter in a time like this. Without them, on its current trajectory, our country has 20-30 years left if nothing is done about its decline. If Black Lives Matter is victorious, we will only have 5-10 years left.

They are misleading you in order to take power. I’m looking at you, Instagram story-spammers. You don’t realize what they really want, and they want to keep it that way. Take note here of the truth, and turn against your conditioning.

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