Abortion is Murder

We have an entire generation of women who have been brainwashed into believing it’s okay to murder their own unborn children for convenience. When this gets published, I fully expect to get called every single name in the books that pro-abortion women use to substitute actual arguments for. When you are called an incel, virgin,Continue reading “Abortion is Murder”

Defend Free Speech In Class? Get Sent to the Hallway

Out of personal courtesy I won’t name names, and I hope no one else does as well. With that said, some of these experiences really say a lot about our educational system. Many others and I have personally been subject to the ire of teachers which hold Marxist views, and here is one example ofContinue reading “Defend Free Speech In Class? Get Sent to the Hallway”

Illegals and Refugees First, Americans Last

While the American people have been held inside of their homes for weeks on end, America has continued to resettle refugees from all over the world in your neighborhoods. And while many middle class Americans didn’t qualify for the $1200 stimulus check, state governments and charity organizations are making it so every single illegal alienContinue reading “Illegals and Refugees First, Americans Last”

Casual Sex, Drugs, and Feminism Don’t Make You Cool

I won’t name names, but to many people, especially the ones who will be particularly offended by this title: You know who you are. There is an inclination in our society today that is this: The earlier and more often you have sex, the more familiar you are with drugs, and the more you believeContinue reading “Casual Sex, Drugs, and Feminism Don’t Make You Cool”

Casual Saturday: The End of School, God Calls

(Casual Saturday will be a new series of non-political articles covering the Saturday post slot.) We’re out. The class of 2020 will be receiving their diplomas in a mailbox, not the graduation stage. For the next 3 months, school will be on a computer screen. And don’t even mention spring sports… These are tough timesContinue reading “Casual Saturday: The End of School, God Calls”

Bernie Sanders is a Loser. Here’s What His Supporters Should Do Now

This is a message to all the Bernie Bros out there who are now left without a candidate. Bernie Sanders has FAILED you. While you put your faith in him to fight the Democratic establishment, he never even really wanted to in the first place. Instead, he used your votes in order to have aContinue reading “Bernie Sanders is a Loser. Here’s What His Supporters Should Do Now”

Exit Quarantine Better Than You Entered It

When have we ever been given alone time like this? The issue used to be that if you took time off to spend by yourself, you were falling behind others who weren’t. Now, everyone is doing the same stay-at-home routine you are. In most cases, they aren’t progressing in their field of work, school, etc.Continue reading “Exit Quarantine Better Than You Entered It”

Climate Change: Is It Really About the Climate? (Repost)

The following article is a piece for a school newspaper that I wrote some months ago: We hear it all the time. “Ocean levels are rising!” “Temperatures are getting higher!” “The icecaps are melting!” Often in the discussion about climate change, the framing is a binary choice. One can either go all-in and become aContinue reading “Climate Change: Is It Really About the Climate? (Repost)”