The Time for Debate is Over

Surely, those who burn our history, beat us in the streets, and corrupt our youth are just looking for an honest debate on the issues. They just want to express themselves in the marketplace of ideas! They may disagree with what you’re saying, but they’re going to fight to the death for your right toContinue reading “The Time for Debate is Over”

Jared Kushner is Destroying the Trump Presidency

In 2016, Donald Trump ran on immigration restriction, opposition to foreign wars, and law and order in the streets. On the other hand, the President’s son-in-law Jared Kushner believes in mass legal immigration, continued operations in the Middle East, and the early release of criminals and appeasement of rioting mobs. In other words, for everyContinue reading “Jared Kushner is Destroying the Trump Presidency”

Despite Being Backed By Globalist Power Structures, BLM Activists Claim Oppression

The opinions that wannabe Instragram activists and uninformed feed-scrollers are espouting currently align exactly with commentary from official Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook statements. Clearly, all of this newfound activism does not challenge the status quo, is not revolutionary in any way whatsoever, and in fact actually serves the opposite purpose. Thus, after a shortContinue reading “Despite Being Backed By Globalist Power Structures, BLM Activists Claim Oppression”

The Burning of America Continues as Surprising Developments Arise About George Floyd

Since we covered the subject two days ago, the burning of Minneapolis has spread nationwide, threatening even the CNN Headquarters and the White House among other places. A lot has happened over these past few days, and as such a lot has gone unnoticed as well. Because of this, Casual Saturday is postponed, and insteadContinue reading “The Burning of America Continues as Surprising Developments Arise About George Floyd”

Race Riots ERUPT in Minneapolis as Video Footage of Brutal Arrest Goes Viral

Once again, society and the Internet are having an outcry. This time around, the details are vastly different, but many of the underlying themes remain the same. Therefore, on this Thursday, we’re going to gather the information that we can about George Floyd’s case, talk about those underlying themes, and recap the riots and misinformationContinue reading “Race Riots ERUPT in Minneapolis as Video Footage of Brutal Arrest Goes Viral”

Memorial Day Special: Bring Our Troops Home

Today is Memorial Day, where we celebrate our troops who are serving and have served. On a day like this, everybody should take time to thank these people what they go through to provide us a national defense. At the same time, we should be our soldier’s greatest advocates. We want them to fight onlyContinue reading “Memorial Day Special: Bring Our Troops Home”

Joe Biden Proclaims: “You Ain’t Black!”

“Its a long way until November, we got more questions…” “You got more questions, then I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” That is how the conversation went between Joe Biden and DJ Charlamagne tha God in their interview on Friday.Continue reading “Joe Biden Proclaims: “You Ain’t Black!””

Three Shot in Arizona Shopping Center, Details Suspicious

Yesterday, on a Wednesday night on May 20, three were shot at Westgate Entertainment District in Glendale, Arizona. Here’s what we know: The suspect is now in custody, according to the Glendale Police. “We were able to locate that suspect in the Westgate area, our officers challenged that suspect and were able to safely takeContinue reading “Three Shot in Arizona Shopping Center, Details Suspicious”